Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to share files without data cable from your Smart Phone

This article is written by one of good friend Sunil. It is about sharing files from your smart phone to pc without any wires. 

Yes, you can share your files on PC without using a data sharing cable from your smart phone even if the PC has no bluetooth facility. This happens when you have a big file on your phone or PC and you are willing to transfer it to other device.

The only way you can think of a data cable. In case, you have no data cable available or no Bluetooth installed in PC. There is another common way you can use is ‘drop-box’ or attach it to your email. I can think of another way that would enable you to transfer files on Wi-Fi network without a problem but in that case, you must have your PC and smart phone connected with same network.

In case you are an android user then you should download AirDroid application in your smart phone firs and then login in your web browser of PC. Now you should find a pass-code in the application of your phone that is your way into PC while logging in to site in PC. You can now transfer any data to smart phone or PC just by going into logged in site and transferring saved data to either of the devices.

Wi-Fi files transfer
This application is good for android and Blackberry both but you can transfer up to 4MB file size only. After installing application into your phone, open Wi-Fi file transfer application. You shall see the IP address of your phone there, typing it into browser of your PC would enable you to transfer the file. Please remember that both the devices should be on the same network to get this service.

Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi
This document tool works well on android devices. Installing Android Sync manager tool in your mobile would be able back up, message photographs, videos and music files to share on PC or from PC to mobile. I hope this would serve your purpose in a more convenient way.     

So this is it. These apps will help you to send your files from your smart phone to pc without any wire. They are surely easy in use. So have fun.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Google Nexus 10: Comparison between Nexus 10 and Ipad 4

This article is written by one of good friend Sunil. It is about latest Google Nexus 10 tablet.

Here comes the Nexus10 the most awaited 10” tablet from google this Tuesday. Google has launched this device in coloration with Samsung, a most updated device that google most probably had apple in mind who have just launched their fourth generation iPad in the market. This must be interesting to compare the features of specifications for the benefit of users to help them decide their specific needs in this particular item, here are a few details- 

If the quality of screen resolutions- Nexus10 compared with that of apple’ retina  display quality, Nexus10 is far superior as Nexus10 with 2560x1600 compared to apple’s 2048x1536 with screen size of 9.7” stands at 264. If you calculate their per inch value the Nexus10 stands far better making the resolution value at almost 300pixel/inch.

Processor- Nexus10 with Samsung made Dual core 1.7 GHz exynos processor with quad core ARMT604 graphic processor designed for architecture and visual computing.

RAM- Nexus10 has 2GB RAM but the RAM of apple’s iPad4 is still a secret but most people assume it to be of 1GB. That makes Nexus better as far processing speed is concerned. Although, iPad 4 is available in 64 GB version also while Nexus is available in 16 and 32 GB versions only.

Video- If we compare video qualities of Nexus10 with 16:9 aspect ratio values than 4:3, aspect ratio values that of apple’s iPad4 the Nexus10 stands far superior in video also.

Camera- Nexus10 has front facing stereo speakers and display with a 1.9- mega pixel front camera for video chat and 5-mega pixel rear camera with facility of dual near field communication with micro HDMI port. Apples iPad4 has almost same configurations but the front camera with 1.2 mega pixel, Apple also has not provided NFC (near field communication)

Operating system of Nexus10 is entirely based on google support working on android 4.2 Jelly bean OS where as iPad4 works on ios6 and supports Siri to take advantage of Apple’s map applications. Nexus10 supports Wi-Fi but has no facility of 3G or 4G compared to Apple’s iPad4 having these supports.

Nexus10 is not available in India for the time being but shall be launched overseas starting November 13 with in the price range of $400 and $500 for different versions of 16 and 32 GB.

This is it. I am sure this new lunch will get much more popularity. This will give hard competition to other big companies. 

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Shut down as per your program

This article is written by one of good friend Sunil. It is about Shutting down the computer automatically as per given time.

Most of us face an emergency while some thing forces us to leave the work in hand and move out from the computer table. That particular situation forces us to shut our computer/laptop immediately.

However, if the downloading of an important file is not complete you cannot shut your computer as long as the data download is over, similarly if you are copying some big files to CD/DVD than you can’t shut down your computer until the process finished. So if you have faced such problem anytime than there is an easy solution for this particular for you.

This program provides you with options of setting your computer according to your pre- programmed time. You can set the time estimating the time of data download or as per other work and walk free to let the computer do the rest of the job.

You only have to download the following software from here and rest is easy. Once you have this program installed at your system you shall find options of,

          --Shut down

Now you can select your option from the options provided or even you can write time according to your choice approximately, when you think your download would be over.

Now your computer is ready to accept the time you entered to shut down your computer. However, this program supports windows only. So, enjoy your download according to your time out and let the computer shut down according to your own choice.

So this is it, wait for next one and enjoy.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Emoticons/Smiles for Facebook Chat and Comments

Facebook is quite popular social site among the world. People are using it to stay connected with other people by different ways like chat, messages, status updates and comments.  Now many people like to add emoticons/smiley with those messages and chat. These emoticons/smiles help people to express their self without writing anything or telling anything, so it makes them special in such kind of communication. Now Facebook is having few custom emoticons/smiley which are unknown to many people. Some people may know about few of them but they don’t know about all of those emoticons/smiles. So let’s see how we can use emoticons/smiley in fb chat and comments, which will make our communication on facebook better.

News: Just recently facebook have implemented smiles/emoticons in the comment section also. So now you can enjoy emoticons/smiles in comment also, use first image emoticons for comment section.

First let’s see few basic emoticons which may be known but many people don’t know about all of them. Here is the table for it.

Facebook Emoticons/Smiles for Chat and Comments

[Click on image to Enlarge it]

So these are all basic emoticons or smiley. Above smiley/emoticons can be used in all kind communication. Just use those signs like :) for smile and ;) for wink. You just need to use those sings and they will be automatically appear in your comments and chat.

Now let us see about few more emoticons/smiley. Here is another table.

Facebook Emoticons/Smiles for Chat

[Click on image to Enlarge it]

Above code is not like those basic sings. To use above smiles/emoticons you need to use special code.

To use the first emoticon/smile use this code: [[f9. adore]]

You have to use those f9 with two brackets and after the dot you have to use that smiley code I have listed in above table. Like for bomb use [[f9.bomb]].  So it is easy.

Let me tell you these codes are not working in comment section. I have checked them and they can be only used in chat section. You can check other section by yourself.

So this is it. Now you can express your feelings on facebook more clearly and in a more cool way. So enjoy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Machines of the future

This article is written by one of good friend Sunil. It is about machines which you are going to see in near future.

Technique is changing at a brisk rate and every changing technique is changing our life along at an even faster rate. We are doing certain activities, which were out of our wildest dreams. However, man is trying to invent more gadgets with more features in future. Let’s have a look-

Doodle on go- do you remember Google doodle? This gadget would remind you of a small and colorful notebook in your hands, in fact a two-piece device like tablet is some thing special for people who get bored easily. This one is easy to carry and handling. Whenever you are not in mood of doing anything else, just open it and show your creativity.
The Doodle, designed by Hoon Park and Peyol has a touch screen and a stylish pen. The doodle is a perfect gadget with an OLED screen with facility to draw on photos, documents and videos. Device should prove be a good time pass for fun loving artists

Arc MouseMouse of the system is always a troublesome device to handle especially while working on keyboard and more so while you are not working on a table but your bed or sofa. How would you like to have a mouse that might have a perfect grip on every surface?
The Arc mouse made of soft material would solve this problem and shall be useful to work on every surface including your legs or handle of the sofa. The mouse designed by Suing Hoon Shin and  Chnag Siyok Kim with optical sensor and receiver can connect to machines easily and moved to any direction without any problems.

Facebook Phone- People love to connect with family and friends through different mediums. These include phones, internet, and especially the social networking sites are more poplar these days. Tolga Tuncer with a new phone for especially Facebook users in mind has come up with a phone that has networking buttons.

The phone with buttons for applications like Instagram and spotify, another button for ‘like’ option of photos, messages, and video etc would make it a unique experience.  

So this is it. Have fun.. ;)

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Save your smart phone battery

This article is written by one of good friend Sunil. It is all about saving battery life of different smart phones.

You can take help of mobile apps to keep your battery cool and going for longer durations. There are different apps available for android, Apple IOS and Symbian smart phones’ operating systems for your convenience in both paid and free of cost category. The basic difference in between free of cost and paid versions are the adverts. The free versions have adverts running in them those consume battery while the paid ones do not have any adverts. So here is the list of apps for saving battery life of different smart phones.

This is one of the sites which gives you five power profiles to select from and improves the performance of your phone’ battery automatically. This application has paid and frees versions both and has the ability to improve on WI-FI, 2G or 3G mode.

This application works best on 2G or 3G data network and shut down as soon as switched on WI-FI mode.

This application can manage power of the phone as well optimize usage of the phone as well. The application has the extra options of super saving mode and intelligent saving mode besides the normal saving mode. The application has the specialty to automatic optimizing the power saver timer as soon the battery reaches to fifty% level.

This helpful application lets you deduct the task that drains more battery of your phone as soon as the user switches this application on
So these are the apps for your android device which can help you to save your battery life by different functions. Choose best among them. 

Apple IOS
This is a helpful application where you can user system information and memory usage in its graphic user interface. The user needs not go in to settings of WI-FI, 2G or 3G to open or shut the applications but it has options in itself.

This is quite simple application which will recommend you settings to adjust which are best to give more battery life for your phone. 

So these are apps for your IOS devices, use any of them and keep your battery cool.

this application closes down any tasks or applications those consume extra power. This application saves up to thirty % battery in the process.

This app will help you to optimize your battery level. It will also show you the exact percentage of remaining battery life so that you can know the perfect battery of your smart phone. It will give you three different power modes Save, Balanced and High; using them you can easily monitor and save your phone battery as per your work.

So this is it for Symbian phones also. Now you having apps list for three famous smart phone's operating system. Find the perfect app for your phone and save your smart phone battery life. 

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Free Online Photo Editing for Fun

This article is about editing your photos. With this online tool you can easily edit your photos in different ways.

Photo editing is an important thing. We do it because of different purpose. Sometime we do it because there is some problem like low light or brightness in the photo and sometime to give it some extra effects. Using few editing software we can do this kind of stuffs but it need more or little skill. Sometime we do the photo editing for fun purpose too. I mean to make photo funny or to make it cooler than the current one by giving some extra effects.  For that we need some skill in photo editing, as I said above.

But there is one easy option using which we can do all that kind of photo editing and many more things on our photo for free and that also without additional talent of photo editing. Yes I am talking about PhotoFunia site using which we can give many extra effects to our current photo for free. Just take a look on my profile picture to have more idea about it.

[Click on image to Enlarge]

The above image is created from PhotoFunia. I have just uploaded my logo shown at middle frame and all other effect is automatically created from this site. Isn’t it great!?

Hundreds of Cool Effects for your photos
This site is having many such photo effects. Some of them are very funny and some of them are very cool. You can use any of these effects on your photos and can share it to any social site directly from this site. I am sure your friends going to love it. This site is also having some animated image which will give your photo some cool animated effect. This site is having hundreds of such kind of effects in different categories. So choose as per you like.

[Photofunia Effects: Have many more]

From the lab section you give some special effects to your photos like you can give Puzzle effect to your photo. Using it your photo will look like made of hundred pieces of puzzle which will give nice effect to your photo. Just like effect section this lab section is also having few special effects like glass effect, slide show effect, film effect, fire effect, classic frame, water color and many more which can be used on any of your photo quite easily for free.

Similarly filter section is also having some effect using you can easily edit your photos and give nice effect to it.

In short this site is quite interesting and entertaining. If someone is interested in editing photos for fun than this is the best place.

Go to: Photofunia

Similar Site

This site is look quite similar to above site with some additional photo effects. So incase if you got tired from one site you can choose this one as alternative. Have fun with your photo editing session. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

LG Optimus G Features

This article is written by one of my good friend Sunil. This article is about features of new phone LG Optimus G.

Now LG Electronics has also come into the fray and launched its high-end smart phone to give a run to Apple and Samsung. LG has added a unique feature in its smart phone series’ new entry - Optimus G.

[Click on image to enlarge]

Now this phone can take a picture while hearing your voice.  That means that camera of this phone would be operated by voice command. Optimus G has mainly been launched to try to keep LG in competition with leading brands with inclusion of newer facilities. Initially the cost of the new phone should be in the range of $900 or around that much.

There have been many new insertions of new brands recently like Iphone5, Lumia series from Nokia and Droid RAZR from Motorola in the market. This should give the new phone from LG Electronics a hard time getting this new phone established and going initially. Anyway looking at the features available in this phone, the phone should capture its share from the market.

Features of new Optimus G
Front Camera: 1.3 MP
Rear Camera: 13 MP or 8 MP
Processor: 1.5 GHZ
Memory: 32 GB
Display Size: 4.7 inch
OS: Android 4.0

Apart from all other facilities of smart phones, Optimus G has a camera operated with voice command that enables it to take your picture hearing your sound.

Optimus G has camera with 13-mega pixel and a front camera with resolutions of 1280x768P. 13 Mega pixels is quite cool camera for a mobile. But that’s not enough. I mean I have seen many phones with high mega pixels giving less quality pictures from the camera.

LG Electronics has used Adreno 320GPU, 1.5 GHz Qualcomm, and quad core snapdragon - processor in its new phone that would enable this phone to work on fast networks at many operations simultaneously.

I guess LG has concentrated more on camera feature of this phone. Camera with voice command is something new in this phone.

I am sure this phone would give LG a new grip in the high-end phone market with its unique features. Now let’s see if this phone can make LG compare with other popular brands. 

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Set your own background on Google Homepage

This article is about changing background image of Google Search Homepage. 

Google is most famous search engine for everyone now. For every query mostly all people preferring Google first. Well, now google is not only limited for searching, as there are many other interesting products available from google.  But let’s talk about Google search for now. Most of the people used to open google search whenever they having some problem or issue on any topic. Google’s results are best for any kind of our query on internet, at least for me. But Google search home page is quite boring with white background. But Google have given option to change that white background too. With that option you can even put your own selected photos as google background as below image.

[Click on image to enlarge it]

Let’s learn how we can do that.

How to change Google Background?
Well, for this thing, you need to login into your Google account. When you logged into your google account you will found Change background image option at the bottom of Google Search’s home page as below image.

[Click on image to enlarge it]

Just click on it and you will get few very cool pre-uploaded backgrounds in public gallery as shown in below image. You can select any of them and set them as background of your Google Home page.

[Click on image to enlarge it]

Put your own Images as Google Background
Well, just check out the above image again. I have underlined Your Picasa Web photos option with red line. Just click that option and you will found your every image uploaded on any Google Account. I mean you can see the images you have uploaded in Google +, Orkut, Blogger and other Google accounts. So you can upload your image into any account which you want to put as Google Search background and set it as Google’s background.

If you want to change the background image to simple white again then there is last option available to change the background image to again simple white.

Remember that to get that changed background Google’s Homepage you have to log into your Google account otherwise it will show you that simple white background. This thing is not limited to one computer, I mean after setting this option whenever you log into your account from any account, your Google Background will be that colorful image you set.

So this is it. With this trick, you can easily set different backgrounds for your Google Homepage. You can also put your own images which you like as background on Google Homepage. So change boring white home page and have fun.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Use Pendrive or Flash drive as RAM

This article is written by one of my good friend Sunil. It’s all about playing android apps and games on your computer. This is fun trick. 

You cannot work properly with a RAM of one or two GB capacity during gaming or multimedia work. You must have at least 4 GB of RAM to use these applications. Therefore, if you are using Windows7, you have no need to install additional RAM.

People generally make a complaint about slow performance of their PC so; to increase the speed of PC the user shall have to go for an additional capacity of RAM. I would suggest such users to not to increase physical RAM but to use pen-drive to increase the capacity of the RAM.

For Windows 7 users:
Window7 users can easily increase their RAM and boost up their computer performance using their pendrive. There is a ready boost application in windows7 that can use removable disc, USB, memory card, Flash memory, Memory stick and USB pen-drive as memory cache hence increasing the capacity of RAM.

How to do it?
>> Insert Pendrive
>> Right click on pendrive from My Computer and click on properties
>> From property page click on ReadyBoost tab
>> Then select Use this device from the window as shown in below image

[Click on image to Enlarge]

>> Set size from the bottom slide bar
>> Click on Apply

That’s it. Now your pendrive is working as RAM as per available and selected size. Now you will notice the improved performance of your computer. You will also notice that now your pendrive or flash drive is not empty anymore. I mean as you are using its space as RAM now you can see that it is full as per space you selected. I have selected whole space of pendrive to boost up performance, so it is showing full in below image.

To make this flash drive or pendrive normal again, just click on Do not use this device from the Ready Boost tab in the property page (as shown in property image above) and apply the settings. This will free your pendrive/flash drive memory again.

Please keep in mind that you can increase the capacity of your RAM by up to three times from your present capacity. In case your present capacity is 1GB, you can extend it by another 2GB to make it 3GB. So this lesson ends here for windows 7 users. Now it is time for Windows XP users.

For Windows xp users
There are still many users that are using windows xp. Well, they can do this same thing took, but the process is little complicated in compare of above process for windows 7. No need to worries it is still easy.

How to do it?
>> First Right click on My Computer from start menu
>> From Properties window go to Advance
>> Then select Settings of Performance section
>> In this again choose Advance and then select Change on virtual memory section
>> From this page just select your pendrive or flash drive from the available drive options and se the values which you want to use to boost up the performance of your computer.
>> And apply the settings.

This is it for the windows xp users. By this way you can use your pendrive or flash drive to boost up the memory in different windows operating system. So try it out and enjoy the extended RAM to have all the fun.

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Pendrive Image

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What will be next? iPhone 5S

Apple is mostly launching S upgraded series of any new iPhone after launching new iphone. I mean iPhone 3GS after iPhone 3G, iPhone 4S after iPhone 4. As per I know this S is tends for speed. Means they are launching speedy version of that new iphone. Now they have recently launched new iPhone 5. So what do you think we are going to get next? iPhone 5S?!

I wonder about that. I mean iPhone 5 is already having quite high features, I don’t think it requires to go for S version with some updates just for speedy version. But it’s all about Apple; we can’t predict them for sure. Even Apple having some awesome features in their new iPhone 5, they haven’t given something special which is unseen previously. I mean when Apple had launched their first iPhone, all things in it were unseen in any other mobile before, which make iPhone popular. Now all companies mobile having same features and I don’t think such same features will attract the buyers. Many people are saying that new iPhone 5 is good but not the best! So as per people there are still some missing features and points.

So what they are missing?! I have heard about few features from around people which they want to see in iPhone. Let me tell you about them.

Missing features in iPhone 5 or in any previous iPhones: (People's Thought)

Bluetooth File sharing with all phones: Well, I don’t know how much it popular in other countries, but here people always used to share photos and music in their phones via Bluetooth. Apple is missing sharing over Bluetooth option since starting.

Radio Application: I know there are few apps using which we can listen online radio but what about local station. Here people always used to hear music over Radio, and iPhone is not having this thing also since their first iPhone.

SD Card: Well, I don’t have problem with this thing as I am quite satisfied with internal memory/hard disk of my iphone. But other people not think the same. They surely want more memory to store their media files and apps. So as other mobile brands are providing this feature, so why not apple.

Mass Storage: I am missing this function. To add songs, pictures, apps and other things, iPhone always required some software like iTunes. I don’t understand why they are not giving mass storage function like other phones using which we can easily copy paste anything into our phone.

These are the basic things which are missing from whole iPhone series. They are missing these basic but important features. In iPhone 5 there are few important features given like facebook integration and many more, but still it is missing these basic features.  I was talking about that iphone 5 having nothing like unseen before.  Well, the recent Nokia mobile have given wireless charging option. So they need something special like this. Well I don’t know whether next will be iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. But hope it will have something new and unseen. That’s what people want to see from them.

In the end, whatever I say, Apple iPhone hasn’t loosed their popularity yet. I mean as per Yahoo News, they managed to get more than 2million pre-orders for their latest iPhone5 in just 24 hours. This is really amazing.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weather Conditions: Checkout weather conditions for your area

Rainy days are going out there, hope you are all enjoying. Here in our area it is going okay but at some places there is too much rain and lots of troubles due to same. So better check it out daily weather before making any plan, otherwise you can take a bath again. Lol

For getting correct information about today’s weather, I came to know about couple of interesting websites. Let’s see which are they and how they can be helpful for checking out daily weather report.

This site is quite helpful to get information related to current active storms, hurricanes and cyclones. If there is any active hurricane or cyclone in any corner of world then this site is best place to get all information related to it. This site is giving daily satellite pictures related to weather report and hurricane report of different corner of world. Not only pictures, it is also giving nice animation effect by including current week’s weather photos so that we can easily understand that which way those clouds are going. I mean we can understand the weather condition more easily like that way.  You can check it out below image for demo.
India Weather Map: This map is showing condition at North Indian Ocean.

This site is also works quite well to get information about current weather situation at different countries. You will found Country icon at top right corner of site from which you can select your Country, by this way you will get weather report from different areas of your country. So it is quite good site to check it out local weather conditions. They are really having good and detailed information about current weather of your places. So from here you can get accurate weather information for your place and any other place of your country. Try it out.

So this is it. I always used to check these couple of sites whenever I am worried about weather. They surely contain complete information regarding this subject. Hope you will found them helpful too. Have fun.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Install android apps and games on your PC

This article is written by one of my good friend Sunil. It’s all about playing android apps and games on your computer. This is fun trick. 

How would you like to have ‘angry bird’s space’ the speaking cat ‘Talking Tom cat’ the famous gaming apps on your PC? This is good news for people who do not have android devices or who want to play their favorite android games and apps on their computer. So for such people this is best trick. Yes, this is possible now; you can access the apps running on android devices on your PC with following steps.

Step one- You can download this magical software on your PC that will make it possible to play android games on window based devices. You can download it the Blue stacks from the link given below and follow these steps.

Step two- Once you have installed this and run it successfully set the Icon key directional keys of your keyboard with the help of your mouse. Do not forget to use ‘enter button’ on every step to save it properly.

Step three- Run the step properly once you have done the installation successfully. Now you shall find three different built-in apps in the application, One- Get Jar, two- Amazon app store and third android’s official apps store. You can download any of these manually.

There are few important points to keep in mind that Blue Stacks only sets the applications in tablets and mobile phone layout therefore, this is important to adjust and set your priorities in your own settings going into the ‘manage size’ setting manual. Restart the software once you are through the settings to download your favorite games now.

I am sure you are going to enjoy your gaming experience all the more now. You can download your Blue stacks from the below link. So this is it, just follow the above instruction and you can use this software for operating android apps and playing games, happy gaming.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

IOS 6: New Features

This article is all about new operating system IOS 6 for Apple devices.

We have already seen in our previous article that Apple has launched their latest iPhone 5 with new IOS 6. Now let’s see more about this latest operating system of Apple product. Apple has already announced that this new IOS is having around 200 new features in compare to previous IOS. So it’s really great news for apple user.  Let’s see which are the main points announced by Apple so far.

MAPS (3D view with cool features)
  • We are going to have 3D view in new map app. Means we can view famous places photos and 3d and realistic view.
  • Turn by turn direction: Means after adding source and destination this app will give us turn by turn direction as per current location.
  • Traffic status: This latest app will shows current status of traffic, it will also show if there is any major accident in our entered route and it will change the route as per condition.

Safari (Smarter Browser)
  • iCloud Tab on Safari: Track your activity
  • Save whole webpages not just link: Now can read stored web-pages when you are offline
  • Take photos or upload photos to any site without leaving Safari
  • See whole webpage in full screen (landscape) mode by one tap

Camera (Now capture more)
  • Included Panorama mode: So take big landscape photos more easily now
  • Take panorama photos vertically and horizontally
  • Panorama with high resolution

Find My iPhone ( Now never lost it )
  • Find your missing iPhone more easily
  • Lock your missing iPhone with 4 digit password
  • Send your contact number to your missing phone so that person can reach to you without getting other info on your phone
  • In lost mode iPhone will keep track of where it’s been and report back to you

Facebook App (No need to on FB for sharing stuffs)
  • Integrated Facebook with many Apps.
  • No need to go on facebook to share your things.
  • Share your photos directly from Camera or Photos.
  • Post your location directly from Maps.
  • Integrated with Calendar, so never miss any birthday or meeting.
  • Integrated with Contacts, so friends contacts will be automatically updated in contact section when they change in their FB profile.
  • Like songs, movies, apps and other directly from facebook like button available at itunes and appstore.

Siri App (Now more intelligent)
  • Now will work on more countries.
  • Will also support more languages.
  • New Siri knows more. Siri can find latest score of any live game, current movies review, best restaurant at your location and many more.

Share Photos (Share photos insantly)
  • Sharing photos has become quite easy: Choose photos > Click share buttons > Choose people you want to share with > done.
  • Friends using IOS 6 will receive photo instantly using iCloud.
  • Share photo stream on Apple TV.
  • Comment and like individual photos

Passbook (Store your important stuffs)
  • Store your boarding passes, Movie tickets, Retail coupons and many more
  • Get alerts on lock screen for your stored things on passbook
  • Passbook is time and location enabled, so all info will appear on lock screen with accurate timing and place.

FaceTime (Go for video call anywhere with any device)
  • Video call over cellular network and also on Wi-Fi
  • Make and receive facetime call on your Ipad using your number

Phone App (More advanced calling function)
  • Now calling is with more exiting features
  • Decline any call with text message instantly
  • Also set call reminder when decline call
  • Do not disturb: Only receive important calls

Mail (More features)
  • Easily reading and writing feature
  • Set VIP list and never miss important messages
  • Adding photos and videos to mail is now more easy
  • Swipe down to refresh mail box

Find Friends (Track your friends where they are)
  • Interesting app to find your friends
  • After sharing location with each other, you can easily see your friend’s current location on map
  • Keep getting regular alerts on location base: like when your kids leave school and arrive home

Remolded Stores
  • Redesigned Appstore, Itunes, Ibook store with new features
  • Now iCloud enabled

Compatible devices with IOS 6:
  • iPHones: iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5
  • iPod Touch: iPod Touch(4th generation), iPod Touch (5th generation)
  • iPad: iPad 2, The new iPad

So this is it. So these new features of IOS 6 are looking really cool to me. They haven’t added more but surely they have updated the current app with so many great new features. I would love to use this new IOS version. I am having 3gs and hope it will work better on it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Features and difference from iPhone 4s

This article is all about new iPhone 5 and its features. Also see how it is different than its previous version iPhone 4S.

So finally wait is over. Apple has launched their new iPhone. Now iPhone series is having iPhone 5 too with great features. Many people were waiting for this new iPhone 5 and now their wait is over.  This new iPhone 5 is having more taller screen in compare of any previous iPhone by saying that it will be more comfortable to their users as they can easily handle taller touch screen by one hand in compare to wide screen .Let’s check out iPhone 5 features and also understand the difference between iPhone 5 and iPHone 4s so that we can understand what changes has been made in this new iPhone.
The new iPHone 5 is having 4 inch size with crystal clear quality with retina display. It will beat all display performances of previous iPhones.
 In compare of this iPhone 4s is having 3.5 inch screen.

Apple is saying that iPhone 5 is world thinnest smart phone with only 7.6 mm width. If we compare this size with iPhone 4s then it is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than iPHone 4s.

Iphone 5 is having most popular iSight camera with 8 mega pixel. So it is going to have rocking camera performance from the new iPhone 5. You can know more about iSight from here

It is not only limited to here, iPhone 5 is having HD front facing camera which will call your video calling and other front camera application option even better and clear.

They having also included panorama mode with this iPhone 5 camera. Now people can easily take large landscape photos with this mode.

In compare of this, iPhone 4s is having 8 Mega Pixel of rear camera, but with iSight iPhone 5 is leading the competition.  Plus iPhone 4s is having VGA quality for front facing camera.

The new iPhone 5 is having the fastest processor ever, it is having new A-6 chip which will give lightening performance to their users. A-6 is designed such way that it will give users maximum speed with better battery life. Means it will eat less battery during working.

In compare of this, iPhone 4s is having A-5 chip with dual core processor.

The new iPhone 5 is totally supported to 4g network which will give you fastest network performance and also fastest internet browsing and downloading experience.

Iphone 4s is not supporting 4g network.

Audio Feature
New iPhone 5 comes with better audio quality with many good features like beam forming and directional microphone system. It is having new noise cancelling technology that will decrease or cancel the unwanted background voice.

The new iPhone 5 will come with new apple EarPods which will be more comfortable in fitting in ears and will give highest quality of sound.

Latest IOS 6 version
Iphone 5 will come with latest ios 6 version which is having many new changes in compare of last ios version. Apple is saying that this new ios version is having around 200 new features like Maps app with Apple-designed cartography, Facebook integration with different apps, turn by turn navigation, Passbook, icloud and other extra option in safari and many more. So this new IOS will have great features in compare of last IOS version.

Iphone 4s can upgrade to this version later on.

Compatible devices with IOS 6: (All About IOS 6 : Read more about IOS 6 here)
iPHones: iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5
iPod Touch: iPod Touch(4th generation), iPod Touch (5th generation)
iPad: iPad 2, The new iPad

So this is it. I came to know about this much information about new iPhone 5. I will update this page more frequently whenever I get something new info related to this new iPhone. This new iPhone is having lots of cool features and I am sure it will beat all smart phones. Currently it is still not available to Indian fans, so they have wait little longer to get it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beware: Your smart phone is at risk

This article is written by one of my good friend Sunil. It’s all about security related to your smartphone.

As your data is important for you so do not let it go to wrong hands. There are certain applications, which can track your phone anywhere in the world, lock or even erase your data to avoid misuse of the same. Here are some of the applications for your information-

Android apps-
Avast Anti-theft is an all in one anti-theft security solution, which has anti-virus scanner, SMS and call filtering and remote lock features. All these features are available free of cost and user can lock his phone by sending a SMS or even sound a siren on his phone. Deleting data makes this application more useful as your details remain safe and secured. You can even switch its GPS system on and track its location. 

In case your phone has been stolen then there is no need to be panicked because your phone has an option that allows user to install it remotely from Google play sore. The user can also control the camera of the phone. In case the phone stolen, the owner can click it to take photos from back and front cameras of the surrounding areas. In case the SIM of the phone changed, the owner shall get an e-mail, sound a siren, or send a message also forward a call or message.

You have certain other applications, which are helpful to delete internal memory, lock it or audio record of stolen or lost devices. Apps like Cerberus, Control me, Lookout Security and antivirus are good to keep you in touch with your phones, laptops or tablets. In case you have your phone on vibration mode, you do not have to make much effort to trace it out if you have forgotten it somewhere in your own premises.

So this is it. Smart phones are becoming more and more popular among people. But people should also take care about safety majors related to smart phones. So be safe.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Make a music band online

This article is written by one of my good friend Sunil. It’s all about online music band.

People are going for musical bands despite living in distant countries and even ever meeting the group members ever in real to top it all they are becoming successful too. You can check with the first International all girl musical band ‘wild blossom’ where you can find singers from different countries like India, Philippines, Hong Kong who place music in the database allotted to them.

In case any one is interested to create an online musical band, a proper research through different social networking sites would be required in shape of finding likeminded people through twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Google plus etc, as we know that we cannot have an office for such activities like online bands and members come from different countries.

How to do it
 Members of such groups should have proper and in-depth knowledge of different branches of music and a perfect combination because every one does his part of the job done at his end and then the whole song or composition is combined together to give it a final shape.

Then there are different styles and instruments, which play their role to make a band group great or mediocre. Therefore, a perfect understanding and knowledge in between members of the band, who are from different fields of music and countries, is basic quality to become successful. 

Patience and understanding in between the members is the basic need to be successful in such efforts because this being a time consuming job unlike the one offline where every facility is available in a single place.

Offline all singers and technicians can discuss and correct mistakes on the spot but in this case, every member has to do it sitting in his place where some of the members may not like the job done by a particular member.

Therefore every one would have to be patient enough to see to it that every one has played his part well and contributed to best his ability to create, edit, publish online and marketing.

There are a few websites, which can help make you better in your efforts of learning the art of music, and to create these online, have a look-

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