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Photography lover

This article is all about photography, can be handy for all Photography lovers. 

We all know that a perfect camera is needed for a right kind of photo according to need of a person and his knowledge about photography along with its finer points. I am not an expert on photography but with a long experience of photography and my willingness to learn I would like to share a few tips with you.

These tips could come in handy for you especially if you are on social media sites and wiling to share your photos with your friends and followers to let them have some of the fun. This certainly is a good idea to keep clicking at the right opportunities and upload them. However, you should know the fact that not every camera is worth for every occasion so to find the best results you could try these if you really a photography freak-

1-      Canon Power Shot S-10 is one of the first cameras that come to my mind while I think about amateur photographers. This is next version of S-100 from Cannon but with many added facility of Wi-Fi, which enables you to connect it with any printer, tablet, and phone with Wi-Fi facility available for free with any compatible application.

2-       The camera with 3” LCD provides a useful touch screen included with a touch shutter feature that helps prevent shake of the hands while clicking. This feature improves the quality of photos to a great extent.  

3-      Cannon Power Shot S-10 is capable of providing good results in bad/dim light. The camera has amazing outdoor shooting capacity with high-definition shooting power and its 5x optical zoom, which is equivalent to 24-120mm lens.

Finally, the camera with so many qualities is an asset to the photographers for their outdoor as well their indoor activities and is as good a camera as professional photographers use although the cost is within the easy reach.          

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About Nikon D-3200

This article is about Nikon D-3200 camera and its all features.

Nikon D-3200 is perfect choice for amateur photographers who wish to enter into SLR league without spending too much money initially but want to have equivalent results and features. Nikon D- 3200 is a small sized compact looking, easy to grip type camera that gives good results without having to involve into complicated technicalities.

1-    This camera has features like those that 23.2x15.4 sensor has high resolutions at 24.2 mega pixel that provides amazing results a real joy for any photographer with accurate results.

2-    The camera has 3” 921K Dot LCD screen capable of working perfectly in bright sunny conditions without any problem.

3-      The camera works on auto focus (AF) at 1080 high definition video shooting continually with good results however the high ISO (level of sensitivity) that creates a sound may disturb you a bit but tolerable.

Most new users would be impressed with the guide provided for its operation but the experienced SLR users may find its shutter speed and auto focusing a little bit slower however this is a good deal at its price. Most people interested in photography that are willing to begin or planning to change to SLR experience may find these features interesting.

The built in flash system in camera is enough for almost every need and light conditions which works with new wireless adapter of Nikon as well. All these facilities are available in this camera for free image sharing through android phone apps. Therefore, this camera can well be suggested to entry-level users as well as experts at SLR level.

People who are looking for a camera with AFS 18-105 mm VR kit or 18-55 VR kit can have this camera on lower price range as well. So find a camera of your choice from the different price ranges available in Nikon SLR and start clicking.  

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Choice of Open Office: Alternative of Microsoft Office

This article is written by good friend Sunil. It is about alternative of Microsoft office. This option is open source and free.

If you are a computer user then you are invariably using MS office software package developed by Microsoft that provides you facilities like word processing, spreadsheet, picture manager presentation etc in short MS office is the basic need of a computer.

In case you wish to use any other option for MS office then you have the choice of Open Office to do so which is an open source productivity source that can be used for graphics, database, word processing, spreadsheet and other related works easily. Open Office is available in different languages as per your need and it can work in almost any computer. Open Office Saves your data in international open standard format and you can open your files developed in other office packages as well. You can download Open Office software visiting link given at the bottom of this post, free of cost.

Open Office has provided many versions and its version 3.4.0 has been downloaded by almost 12 million users so far. Open Office has introduced its latest version 3.4.1 recently which supports almost every operating system. Open Office has Open Document Format as its file format (ODF) although it supports other file formatting systems as well, that is if you have created a file in MS Office you can open it in Open Office also.

You should have following in your system
1- Any of the following version of Windows like XP, Windows7 etc
2- RAM 256 MB
3- Spare Disc space 650MB for installation
You can install Open Office at Linux, max etc. You should have Java runtime environment.

Main modules under Open office
Writer- for bigger jobs
Calc- For working on spreadsheet
Impress- For presentation jobs
Base-For Database management
Draw- For editing graphics etc
Math- To work on mathematical formulas 

Download and get more information about it from HERE.

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