Friday, December 30, 2011

Effective Use Of Mouse During Surfing!!!

Hello Friends :)

Internet has became our daily usage. We are using it now on daily basis. I have some good tips for surfing internet more effectively and easily via mouse. I mean I want to share some mouse tricks for internet purpose which may be know to you or may be unknown. But surely its very useful.

This will work differently for laptop's touch-pad users and for the mouse users. So please follow this instruction. 

For Mouse Users :: Press Rolling button
For Laptops touch pad users :: Tab on touch-pad with two fingers
(For following things)

Now what is the usage of above ? Here it is.

Click On Browsers Tab :: Click the rolling button(touch with two fingers on touch pad for laptop users) on TAB of your browser to close it. Yes you can close the tab just by pressing rolling button on it. Its a quite easy method to close the tabs of the any browser.

Click On Links :: By clicking links by rolling button of mouse we can open that web-page in new page. So no need to right click it and select 'open in new tab' option. Just press the rolling button on it and that will do the same thing.

Click On White Space :: Its quite normal thing for mouse users. I mean if we click mouse rolling button on white space of webpage or on any document we can scroll that page more faster and easily(just moving mouse around). But for laptop touch pad users, If they want to do something like this then they can just tab the touch-pad with double finger. 

This is not much. But believe me this is really helpful during surfing internet and in other work. Just try it. Have fun. ;)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Menu Buttons For Blogger !!

I have tried to put menu buttons on my blog many times. But unfortunately so far I never done it. I got few good information from friends about how to put them on blog. But all those procedures needed to change something in html content of the template. And that's little complicate. So always avoiding it. But just recently found the easiest way to make menu buttons on blogger. I don't know whether it is already known or newly added feature. But its quite cool and easy. Just see the below image.

When you see the menu of your blog from the dashboard of the blogger. You will found option "Pages" like shown in above image. Just click on it. You will get the window like above image.

Now form it you can add the different pages(by clicking on New page) you want to add. You can also add blank page and you can also add page with direct URL where you want to redirect users. This pages will work as menu buttons on your blog. There is by default HOME page which is for home page of your blog. And for more buttons you can add more pages. 

After adding those pages you need to show those pages on your blog. I mean show that menu on your blog. You just need to click on show pages as tab and need to select where you want to show it.. Just like below image :

Just select any option from it. And your menu bar will be available on your blog. No need to make changes on html page of your template. I still haven't added it for this blog. But soon it will be added.  ;) Have fun.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Copy Links from any site without opening them !

Want to take links from sites without opening those web pages. I mean sometimes its important to check the link from any sites before opening them. And also sometimes we need to note those links for many purposes like documentation or pasting them on another place. 

So here is the very simple and easy way to to copy those links without opening any webpage. So it will be much safer too.

Just open webpage from which you want to copy link. Now open word-pad or Microsoft Office Word. Now click on the link and drag it into either word-pad or Microsoft office word. That link will be automatically copied in to them. Notepad will not do the trick so just use word-pad (which is already come with Windows) or Microsoft office word.

Another Trick is easier than previous one. Just right click on the link and press the option from popup menu as per browser below.

Google Chrome- Press Copy link address from the popup menu
FireFox- Press Copy Link Location from the popup menu
Opera- Press Copy link address from the popup menu
Internet Explorer- Press Copy Shortcut from the popup menu

By selecting this option from the popup menu you copied the link from that site. Now you can paste it by Ctrl+V in application like notepad and word-pad.

So this is it. This will copy your links from any site without opening those links. This can be helpful for many purpose. Hope you found it helpful. Have fun.:)

Image Credits to: suphakit73

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Email Form OR How to Put Form In Blog/Site

I am sure everybody needs some kind of forms to collect the necessary information from the friends and other circles using the Internet. But not everybody have the developing skills to make such form for emailing purpose or for putting them on blog. But there is a way you can easily make the different forms and many other things for your blog and for emailing purpose. By this thing collecting necessary data using the Internet will be much more easy. I am sure you will be agree with me after learning this.

Google is quite popular for its different services. One of them is Google Docs. Using this service we can make the forms and different things as I mentioned above. How ?? Lets check this.
  • First open your google doc account.
  • Then follow the below images.

  • As above image, First click on CREATE from your google doc account. And select the from template. From the next screen select the Forms under the Narrow by type category from the left side of the window (as shown in the image).
  • Now you will get the different forms. You can select any form template and modify as per your need. You can create Form directly too from the first screen, But selecting template will be reduce your extra work.
  • Now just look at the below image where I have selected/made a example of contact us form.

  • See the above image. Where I have created a sample form. We have all the options of editing and other services like below.
  1. Add item : Using this button(in image) we can add items like text box, check box and many more in our form. 
  2. Theme :  Using this button you can select the theme for your form. You can have designing form using this.
  3. Email this Form : Using this option you can email this form to any email address. 
  4. See Responses : Using this button you can see the responses you got from this form.
  5. More Actions : Using this you can get Code of this form for your blog/site.
  6. Below Black Strip : That below black strip contain the link of that form which you can directly share with your friends and others.
  • So by this way you can create the form. Now you can check the data too got from this form directly from your google Doc account. Check below image how the data will be shown.

So this is it. This is the whole procedure by which you can easily make the form for your site and the emailing purpose. Not only the form, You can create many different things too. Just check it. Another good service from the google. Have fun.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Make Your Favorite Web-Pages as Desktop Application !!! Cool Feature From Chrome

I am having almost all browsers on my system. I am using all of them as different browsers have different and unique features in them. And surely I don't want to miss any of them. Lol. That's why I have downloaded almost all.

Just recently I came to know about this cool Google Chrome feature. I don't know whether it is common or known to you, but surely it was unknown to me so far and I really liked it. 

I am talking about feature by which we can make any our favorite web page into desktop application (like desktop shortcut/icon). After doing that we don't need to open any browser for opening that website. We can open it directly from desktop by double clicking just icon like all other application. 

How to Do It ??

  • Just open the site in Chrome for which you want to make short cut icon on desktop
  • After that site load, just click alt+f (or directly click setting button from your chrome browser) for menu
  • Now go to tools and select Create application shortcuts from that
  • You will get window like below image

  • Now you can select the items as per need where you want to create the short cuts(as above image).
  • Then Just press the create and you will get your web page as application at your desktop screen with icon
  • Now you can use it and that web page will open without any browser option like below

So you can make short cuts for any web site or webpage using this method. Let me tell you, You will loose all the navigation option too. So it will be more suitable if you do this thing for some particular webpage than the website. Like, you can do this thing for any game from any online gaming site. Or for any other things where you have to access only single page. 

So sometimes it is helpful.  And I liked this thing. And hope you too. ;) Have fun.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some Interesting Firefox Tricks !!

We all knows that firefox is an open source browser. May be people are doing some funny stuffs because of this. Just found some funny thing from friend via email and I thought I should share it with you friends :)

Its like refreshment and having little fun.

Just copy paste all these codes in your friefox address bar and see the results :

IT SHOWS Dancing Firefox.

IT Opens another Firefox inside a tab in the the existing Firefox window.

IT Opens the Options dialog box inside the Firefox tab.

IT Opens the “Book Marks Manager” inside a tab in the Firefox window.

IT Opens the History Panel in the Firefox tab.

IT Opens the Extensions window in the current tab.

IT Opens the “cookies window” inside a tab in the Firefox window.

IT Opens the “Clear Private Data” window inside the current tab.

IT Opens the “About Firefox” Dialog box inside the tab.

Ha ha... I liked the first one. Simple but still interesting. I would like to know how much more tricks are available like this. ;) Have fun.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Convert Any Files to Any Format !!! More Easy Way Now

Document Converter has been became requirement sometime. Many times we need to convert some document in other formats. I mean PDF to Word or Word to PDF files. For that purpose we need some special software to convert those documents. 

Similarly we need other converters too to convert files in different formats. I mean video converter, audio converter and many more.

Now how about getting all those converter at same place ??!!  Isn't it sounds good. Yes there is a way you can do all those stuff at same place in very few minutes. And also you don't need software for that purpose. You can do all those things online !!! Just use this link/site for the same.

Go to this Site :: Click HERE

Using this site you can convert any files to any formats. Here is the list you can do with this site.

  • Convert Documents
  • Convert Drawing Files
  • Convert Presentation Files
  • Convert E-Books
  • Convert Videos
  • Convert Audio
  • Convert Images
  • Convert Archive Files (Like Rar to Zip, Like Zip to Rar )
  • And Some Others
Isn't it great. Good features for sure. And yes sometime this can be really helpful. I have experience about it and I know how many times I had need of the this kind of thing. But I guess I found it lately. But still its good to be late than never. ;)

Hope you liked it :) Have fun.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Partition a Hard Drive?

Do you have enough partition in your system?? Having more partition is the good and important thing to manage your photos, videos, documents and all other files. By having multiple partition we can manage those files more easily. Also searching of files will be become more easy if we having enough partition in our system.

But still we need to keep in mind that we give partition to our hard drive as per its size. I mean creating many partition of small size will be just create problems instead of making comfort.

How To Make Partition On Installed Operating System??

Well, For that we having some good software available on Internet. But here, I am giving detail about one of them. Which is quite easy to use and FREE too. 

Its EasyUs Partition Master Home Edition. Its totally free and a good software for making partition of computer's hard disk. 

Just install it on your system. And then you can perform various task on your current partition. Just read all its features.

What you can Do with it ??

  • You can Re-Size your current partition
  • You can combine two of your current partition and make the bigger one without loosing data
  • You can create another another partition by taking space from your current partition
  • You can create and delete the partitions
  • You can speed up your computer by defragmentation
  • Can copy partition and whole hard disk
  • You can also Recover your lost or deleted partitions
See there are lots of stuffs you can do with this software. And I am sure many of them are very useful for our system.

It is support almost all windows operating system. (windows 2000/xp/vista/Windwos 7)

To download :  Click HERE

Have Fun.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rocket Dock !! Cool Looking Desktop Application Launcher !!

Rocket Dock. Have you heard about this application. Its really a good software to launch our favorite applications from the Desktop. Its like cool Animated Bar on the desktop screen on which we can put any application like shortcut and launch those applications by just a single click. It has cool animation effect on mouse move event. 

Have a look its appearance in this pic :

See the pic how it looks. Its really looks cool on our desktop. In above pic this bar is having default icons on it. But you can change their icons as you like and also put your own applications on the bar, so you can launch them easily by just a single click. We can put this bar on any corner of the window as we like. If someone feels that they having lots of icons on their desktop screen then this software is perfect for them. They can put those icon on this bar. As this bar not occupy the whole screen and as its look more cool too so its a great option to have. 

Its quite easy to put apps on this bar too. Just need simple drag and drop and you will have that app on that bar. And also it is fully customizable. You can customize it the way you want. You can also change the appearance of it and also select the different animation on mouse hover.

So I guess its really worthy application to have. You can customize your desktop very well using this app. It runs good on slower computers too. And most important thing is that its FREE.

To Download : Click Here

I hope you liked it. :) Have fun.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Convert Song into Any Format !! Also Reduce Size of Songs

We having many devices for hearing the music. And not all of them can play all the formats of the songs. For some devices we need to convert the songs in to compatible format of that device(like some device can only plays the mp3 format).

Here is the good and free app using it you can convert any song to any format in just few seconds. Its SWITCH Sound File Converter application. Using it you can convert all the songs and also the whole folder of the songs quite easily.

Where To download :: Go HERE

Pic of the Software:

See the pic. 
To convert song you just need to add song or whole folder by adding option. 
Then select the output format in which you want to convert your song.
Select the save to folder where you want to save that file.
And then Click Convert.

That's it your song will be converted very quickly.


This is a very good option. Many people just overload their devices with many songs.  So as a result they don't have any more space for new songs. But using this software you can reduce the size of those songs. So you can feed the more songs in the same size. You can easily convert the 4MB size of song in to just 1MB size quite easily. Just think that how many songs you will able to feed in your any device like this !!!!

Just Click on Encoder Option from above pic. I have tick marked the place with blue ink. You will get the new screen like below.

Now from above windows, Reduce the Bit rate of the song you want to reduce the size. Just make it to 40 kbps and then click on ok.

Then just convert the song like I mentioned above in converting process. 

And as a result you will get the converted song with quite lesser size then the original one. 

But keep in mind that it will reduce the quality of the song too. You will not able to feel any change in loud speaker but you will found little change when you hear that reduced song on some head phone. But still we are getting good benefit.

Hope you liked it :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Download Flash Games And Videos From Internet

People always used to play online games. I am sure many people are addictive in this section. But have you think about downloading those games in your computer. Yes it is possible. You can play all those flash games even your aren't online.

How To Do It ?? (For Firefox Users Only )

Its quite easy. You just need to download a firefox add-on for this. Using this add-on you will able to download those flash games and online videos too. 

To Download : Click Here

  • From above link download the add-on for the firefox browser. 
  • After downloading this add-on just go to the site on which you used to play game. 
  • Just open the page of game you want to download. 
  • Let it load. Immediately you will see the Blue Icon on the status bar at the bottom right corner of the browser. 
  • You will see the list of downloading items by clicking on that blue icon. 
  • Select the game you want to download and that's it
After downloading that game file you can open that game file in any browser or video player(flash supported) to play it.

For the users who are using latest version of firefox, you will not get the status bar on your browser. Don't worry after downloading it you will found the Add-on Bar in the Options. Just click on it and you will get the add-on bar instead of status bar for that blue icon. :)

I hope you liked it. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Download YouTube Videos!! Or Download Any Online Video From Any Site!

Youtube is famous site in all over the world for online videos. Lots of people used to see their favorite online videos daily. But how about downloading your favorite videos from youtube!! By this way you can see them when you aren’t online too. Not only youtube, you can download online videos from any site using this procedure!!!

How to Download Youtube Videos?? OR How to download online videos from any site??(It is for Fire-Fox Users )

To Get Add-on : Click Here

  • Go to above URL.

  • Download the Add-on for fire-fox browser.

  • You will get toolbar by it. And you can download videos using it easily!

You will get one toolbar using the above procedure. Now you will able to see the button like below on the toolbar:

Now open the site from where you want to download the online video (youtube or any other site which carrying that video). Now play it. As soon as you will play it you will get the above button like the below image:

When you press the button you will get the option for downloading that video. Just select the video you want to download and the download will be started!! 

Isn't it easy?

You can download any video using this method. No need to go for any more software. And you will able to download the videos by just one click from any online site.   J

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Add FaceBook Like And Google + In Your Site Or Blog

I guess many of you already know how to add these stuff on your sites. But this is for those who still don't know about it.

Facebook like and google plus both buttons are very important things to increase your site(blog/content) traffic. Even search engines are giving importance to this feature. The more facebook likes and more google + means your site or content is more popular among the people. And this can improve your site ranking in search engines. So you better add them on your site or blog.

How to Get Them ?

Here is the links by which you can get both on your site.

Just use this links to get code for those buttons for your sites. Its very easy. Just customize it the way you want and it will create the code for your site automatically. After getting html code you can put that in your site at place you want. Its more better you place it on top so people can notice it and credits your content (Like I have done it on top left part ) . Best of Luck :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Benefits Of Google Toolbar !! All Shortcuts In Your Hand

Hi to all. If you are still not having Google Toolbar then You are missing lots of good features on your browser. Google toolbar is having great features which can help you in many ways. You will get the power of all shortcuts of different Google features and others.

Here is the list of features you will get from the Google toolbar:

  • News and Articles Tab: You will get tab of latest news and articles. So you will able to get in touch with the latest news and very interesting articles.
  • Add Buttons Tab: This thing I like the most. We can add different features button on toolbar using this option. I mean with this we can add lots of mini applications on our toolbar like scientific calculator, currency converter, games, Dictionary and many more. They have given the whole list of categories and from them you can choose your favorite one to add on toolbar.
  • Highlight Tab: This is small but good option. By pressing this tab all words on the search page will be highlighted whatever we have used in search bar for searching purpose.  So we can found the information more easily whatever we are searching.
  • Share Tab: This is very good feature provided by them. Using this tab we can instantly share the webpage we are surfing to almost any social sites.  Just press the button and you can share the page which you liked with all of your friends. It is really good feature.
  • Pop up Blocker Tab (currently available in only IE): As name suggest this feature will block all pop up ads during surfing. This is good option to get out of those unnecessary pop up ads. You can also allow those pop up ads by selecting ‘allow pop up ads’.
  • Check Tab: Another helpful feature. Using this button you can check spelling mistakes of whatever you are writing on the webpage. Good thing is that it does not only check the spelling mistakes it also having option to correct those mistakes.  Just press the ‘Autofix’ and all spelling mistakes will be fix automatically. They have also given option to check spelling mistakes in different languages.
  • Translate Tab: Using this option you can translate the webpage in language you want. It is a useful feature. Suppose you gets the webpage in some different language and you want to get the information on it in English, then you can do it instantly using this button.
  • AutoFill Tab: Another very good and helpful feature. In this you need to add new profile their and give the general information (use used to sign up in most of the sites) about you. Now whenever you are signing up (registering) in any site just click this auto fill option and details needed in that site will be filled by this option. The information you have given will be auto filled in that site. You can also create more than one profile so you can select any of the profile to fill all those information in sites.
  • Search Anything: With all these features, of course you will get the option of searching anything from Google instantly. You can search anything on Google from the toolbar directly. No need to open Google website for it.
  • Other Google Features: And also you will able to use other Google features like Gmail, Google +, etc directly from the tool bar.

So isn’t it is useful. So many features are given by the Google toolbar. It can save our lots of time as we having many shortcuts on it. But this toolbar is only available for Internet Explorer and Fire-fox browsers so far.
What you think about these features??

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Surf Internet Faster !! Increase Speed

Currently Mozilla Fire fox and Google Chrome are most popular browsers. But I am sure everyone knows about Opera browser too. But very few people are using this browser for surfing purpose. About me I am having more than one browsers in my system. And yes I am having opera too and for that I am having many good reasons. And from those good reasons here it is the one :

Opera browser offers the opera turbo feature. By turning on this option you can surf Internet pages with the more speed in compare of other browsers. Yes you have read it correctly your surfing speed will be improved by lot by turning on this feature. Isn't it great. But just keep in mind that it will not going to increase your downloading speed, it is only limited to surfing the Internet pages.


How to get it : You don't need to download any extra add on or software for this feature. Just download the latest version of opera browser and you will get this feature in the browser in-built. You will see the watch icon at the bottom left of the browser like the first image above.  Just press it and it will be green just like the second image above. Green color means that it is now on and you can use this feature for your surfing. There is also option available (click that triangle button in above second image for entering in it) by selecting it you can put this feature on auto mode and it will be on automatically whenever your Internet connection is slow. 

How it is works : Now It is interesting that how this feature can increase the browsing speed. The fact is that it is not increasing our internet speed. It is compressing the webpage (we requested) at server side and then transfer to us. Means we are getting already compressed page which needs low kbs to load. So that's why we are getting that pages faster than the other browsers. Because of the compression of the page we will get the light and blurred images than the original images on those pages. But we can see them clearly with original result by right clicking that image and click on 'reload image with original quality'. 

So isn't it is the good way to increase Internet speed. Hope you liked this information. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Easy BCD Tool : Manage Your Boot Loader Screen

Easy BCD is the great tool for managing your windows boot loader screen. I don't know whether it is available for other operating system or not. But it works perfectly in the Windows Operating systems. You can download it for free by searching it from the google. It is famous so you will not face any difficulties in searching it.

Easy Bcd tool gives us the total control on the starting process of the windows operating system. Suppose you having two operating system in your computer. Then this tool will allows you to manage those OS entries in the boot loader screen.  You can also change the name of the operating system entries in boot loader screen. Even order of those entries can be changed using it. 

EXAMPLE OF ITS USEFULNESS : How to ADD windows XP on Windows 7 ?

Its easy if you want to keep only one of them. But now suppose you want to keep both of them, then you have to install the other one on different partition. Now if you having windows xp and you want to add windows 7 on another partition then it will not create any problem as windows 7 boot loader screen will recognize windows xp.  And you can easily install it on another partition using windows 7 CD. 

But there will be problem if you want to add widows 7 in another partition, if you having windows xp already installed as windows xp boot screen will not able to recognize the windows 7 operating system. Now what to do?? Don't worry just follow below procedure and it will be done.

Just insert the windows 7 cd after installing the windows xp (if you having windows xp already then go ahead by inserting cd). Now boot the cd and from setup just select the repair windows option. Then using it just repair the start up problem. Now this will repair your windows 7 again and you can open it. But still you will not able to see windows XP in it.

Now here it comes use of Easy BCD tool. You just need to insert windows xp entry using this software in your windows 7 boot loader screen. That's it. Now you can enjoy two operating system together. You can select any of them form your windows boot loader screen.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Windows Speech Recognition !! You Talk Your Computer Write

I guess many people don’t know about this facility on windows 7 or maybe it is available on windows Xp too. I am talking about Speech Recognition.  It is the one of coolest feature available Windows. Using it we can give commands to our system by our voice form micro phone. Yes you read it correct our computer will listen to us. Not only the command, our computer will type too whatever we say to it. Isn’t it amazing?

You can open Speech Recognition program from the control panel (it is available their).  Just click on it and you will get the below list:

Now you better follow all 5 topics listed in image. Because they are quite important before you go for using Speech Recognition Tool.

The First option is “Start Speech Recognition”. Please connect your micro phone before opening this. Now you will get few instructions to set-up your speech recognition program. Just follow the steps and that will setup all the things.

Now from the second option “Set up Microphone”, you can select the hardware from which you are inputting your voice to give commands to your computer.

Now the third option “Take Speech Tutorial” is quite important. From here you will learn the commands to handle the speech recognition tool. You will learn the basics of this tool from this option. This is the most important part of it. So hear all carefully with full concentration.  You will learn some useful instruction to handling the program.

The fourth option “Train Your Computer to Better Understand You” is also important. Here your computer will understand your voice that how you are speaking some common words and commands to use speech recognition tool. So better you use this option first before going for making any document by your voice using this tool. So your computer can understand your voice more clearly that what you are saying.

The fifth and the last option “Open the Speech Reference Card”.  Now here you can read all the commands and other helpful tip that is much needed when you are using speech recognition.  So please remember all the commands from this page before you use this tool. So you can easily give commands to speech recognition during working on it. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taking Screen Shots !! Free Snipping Tool For Windows

We always need to take a screen shot of our screen to share it with others. For that mostly people use print screen option( by pressing fn(function key) + prt sc) . And pasting them in paint for editing option. But there is more easier way to do the same. Now you can take a screen shot very easily by following this procedure. 

Snipping tool is the great tool for taking screen shot from our computer directly. No need to use that print screen option and paint as by using snipping tool you can take a screen shots more easily and  fast. It is less time consuming. Just use the mount pointer then click at one point and drag it as per you need to take a screen shot. And that's it, all done !! And you can edit and put text on image directly using this tool. And save that screen shot in your PC directly.

This tool is in-built in newer version of Windows like Windows 7 and Windows Vista.  But I guess still many people are not aware with this tool as I have seen many people who are still using the Print Screen option. May be they became used to of it. But this tool can surely save lots of time instead of using that old trick to take screenshot.

For Windows Xp I guess it is not available. To download it please refer this :

Which one you are using?? Still that old trick ! Then change it now. ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wireless Internet With 800 Mbps Speed !!!

Hi :)

I just found some interesting news. Scientists are already working on Wifi alternative. Which can give fastest Internet ever.

They are using LED light for transmitting data. They are trying to use Light communicating technology for the same. They are using Red, Green , Blue and White LED bulbs to generating 800 Mbps speed of Local area network. Great high speed !!!! They are using the light to transfer the data in form of ones and zeros. Which will be receive by laptop or computer by some receiver(some kind of photo diode). And this data transferring light will be visible by the human eye.

Just imagine about such high speed Internet. We can even see the High Definition videos online without any buffering problem. Downloading will be super fast. Even DVD sized data can be downloaded in minutes :D.

But this is having big drawback so far. This data transferring light is visible by human eye. And it can be interrupted even by hand putting it between the light source and destination. So think how many interruptions can be occur during transmission of data.

But I am sure these human mind is capable of making unexpected things expected. So they will surely find some solution about this drawback. This new thing can surely make big evolution in Technology field.

Source of information :

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Google Magic !!!

Got a great trick of Google . You all gonna love this. Do this steps :
  • Open Google home page on your browser.
  • Then search "Google gravity" in the search bar(without ")
  • Now open the first page from the search results and see what are you getting (Another Google search page) (or directly open this link: Google Gravity)
  • Now try to search anything on that page (anything like "ABC")
  • And see the magic !!!
Try the above trick and I am sure you gonna love this. I wonder how people are making this stuff. Great job. Tell me if you liked it. :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Connectify : Tether Wifi on all Window OS !!

What is Internet Tethering using Wifi ??

Internet Tethering means we can share our Internet connection using Wifi to any other wifi available device. For example, Suppose I have tether my Internet connection using this software via wifi from my laptop, that means my system became one kind of wifi hot spot and now I can connect that Internet connection on my mobile using Wifi. Not only mobile but any wifi available device can be connected to that internet wireless !!!

Update: This kind of software are very limited . So I am glad that they have launched this new version which is compatible with Windws XP and other windows OS too.

Suppose you are having internet and you can share that same internet with your multiple devices like laptop, mobile and tab. Yes, it is now possible. You can easily share your internet connection over wifi with your other wifi enabled devices. For that you only need one free app, with that you can easily make your own free wifi hotspot and share your internet connection with other devices with password protection. So it is safe too. Check out below link for more information.

How it is possible?
Connectify is the software I am talking about. With this software you can easily share your internet connection over wifi (with password protection) to any wifi enabled device. Not only one you can share it  with multiple devices at one time. For that you just need to download software from this site and good thing is that it is totally free. After downloading and installing the lightweight application, Connectify utilizes your computer's built in Wi-Fi card to wirelessly share any available Internet connection: a cable modem, a cellular card, or even another Wi-Fi network. Other Wi-Fi enabled devices including laptops, smart phones, music players, and gaming systems can see and join your Connectify hotspot just like any other Wi-Fi access point and are kept safe and secure by password-protected WPA2 Encryption.

Isn't that great! Our own free WiFi Hot Spot. But the only draw back i found so far is this software is only for Windows 7 operating system(This thing is old). Now worries for XP users, with new and upgraded version you can easily tether your internet via windows xp and other operating system too.

Just look at below's image...

As you can see in image we just have to choose our WiFi name,Password(if we want) and the Internet Connection which we want to choose for this. This is it. Enjoy. So this is how we can done wifi tethering using our computer.

Have fun.

Windows 8 will be launch with App Store !!!

We already know that windows 8 is going to launch very shortly. Everybody exited as what new features will be available which are lacking on windows 7.  I just read news that Windows 8 will be launch with its own app store.

Yes Windows finally coming with its own app store. So from now on there is no need to go on any site for downloading software and no need to search the required software on different sites. As we gonna have almost all of them on windows own app store.

I wonder what kind of software they will offer. I mean the one who already available in the market or they are going to develop new their own apps !! Whatever it is, we will know about it soon. I hope they will come up with new ideas not the copied one.

Source of the news :

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Check your website Value !!! (as per traffic)

Hello Friends

I guess many of you having your own personal website or your business website. Have you counted or assumed your website value anytime. Or how much you can earn on daily basis or monthly basis by advertising on your site. Here is the site which can count (approximately) this things for you. Isn't it exiting. You can check your website value using it. Here is the site:

Site Value Calculator

This site is good in giving other details too. You can get your site's Alexa rank and many other traffic details too. You can also know from here that if your site is listed in various search engine or not. So its a good site to get details about our own site or other sites.

Check it and tell me if you like it. :)

Check your computer is MALE or FEMALE !!!

Hi Friends

This is a very simple and exiting notepad trick. By this you can know that your computer is male or female. HA ha.. Just check this.

Open Notepad.
Type or copy paste this :CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"I love you"
Save as computer_gender.vbs

That's it. Now run that file you have saved. Your computer will say I love you.(you can write anything instead of 'I love you' in above code) Check it either it is female voice or male voice. :) Isn't it funny. Try it.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Resizing Animated Images

Its quite easy to resize the normal images. I mean there are many ways for doing it. But resizing animated images is quite different thing. To resize animated images we need to resize its each and every frames. So it may be hard for normal users like us.

But there is a easy way of resizing animated images(.gif formats).  We can resize these kind of images using 'GIF Resizer' Software. Its freely available on Internet. Just search the name in Google and I am sure you will get it quite easily.

In software, we just need to adjust size of output image as per our requirement. And that's it. It will resize all frames automatically and give you animated image as per your requirement. I am uploading its image below so you can have some idea :

Monday, March 14, 2011

Access Your Partner/Friend's Computer Remotely

If we having Internet facility than we can access our friend or any other's computer remotely. Just Click on below image to go on Team Viewer Site :

We just need to install this software from this site. And We can easily access any(not without permission/password) computer remotely. 

About TeamViewer: Team Viewer can easily connects to any Computer or server around the world within a few seconds. We can remote control our partner or friend's computer as if we were sitting right in front of it. 

How It Works : This software provide us one ID and one Password. ID is permanent for a particular Computer(will be different in other Computers) but Password will be automatically generated (will be different each time) when we open this software. So if we want to access any friend's computer then we have to ask him for his ID and Password(which will be different each time) to connect with his computer. And have to share our ID and Password if someone wants to access our computer. As Password is automatically generated each time, so once we break the connectivity with the second computer then that computer can't connect with our computer with the same password. So its a reliable too. :)

Many big companies are using this software to solve their customers problems . And why not ?? They can easily solve any problem without going at their customer's home. So even if some friend having some problem with his/her  computer system or any other computer related problem, we can easily sort it out with the help of this Software from our Home !!! Have Fun.

Exchange Your Mouse's Left Right Buttons Working

Mostly all mouses having two buttons (left and right) with rolling button between them. Now we can exchange the function of left right buttons of the mouse. Means left button of mouse will do the functions of right button and right button of the mouse will do the functions of left button.

Just follow this steps :

  • Follow this path : Control Panel - Mouse
  • You will able to see Mouse Properties window
  • In that window you have to open Buttons tab from above.
  • Now tick on the Switch primary and secondary buttons just like below image.

  • After selecting just click on Apply. That's it.
It is very simple. After applying this settings we already exchanged the functions of left and right buttons of the mouse.

May be some of you already knows about this very simple trick. But still I know few people who really don't have any idea about this. When I did something similar with their system , they thought their mouse was having some problem. But i told them about the truth. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Move Mouse Cursor By Keyboard

People always used to of mouse. Even in laptop some people don't like touch pad, so they mostly use USB mouse. So mouse is an important part of computer, and users can't use the computer properly without it. So if somehow our mouse get damaged or get other problem then it will be very hard for us to use computer without it, and specially in emergency situation. But I have one trick using which we can operate mouse cursor with help of keyboard for time being and in emergency situation. This can be really helpful.

Now just recently i found on Internet that we can also move mouse cursor with the help of keyboard. How can we do it? Just follow below steps: (for windows 7)

For Windows 7:

1. Just follow this path : Control Panel - Ease of Access Center - Make the mouse easier to use.

You will get below screen :

Now as per image first tick on Turn on Mouse Keys and then click on Set up Mouse Keys.

2. Now you will reach to second page as below image :

Now as shown in image tick on Turn on Mouse Keys . And as just shown in image click on 'on' in Other settings if it is not clicked. You can change other settings too if you want.

Now apply all this settings. You are almost done. Now you will able to see a new icon in your task-bar right below side of your monitor. Now you just have to on number lock when you want to move mouse cursor from your keyboard. After switch on the number lock you can move your mouse cursor with the help of your number pad from your keyboard.

If you want to on this feature more easily then you can also use this direct keys :  Left alt + Left Shift + Numb Lock 

By above shortcut keys you can directly on this feature and start moving your cursor with number pad. You will get the small window with message after pressing above short cut keys. Just choose yes from it and this feature will be directly start.

Just remember this numbers, this will help you to move mouse using keyboard more easily.

4 = Move Left
8 = Move Up
6 = Move Right
2 = Move Down
5 = Mouse Left Click
- (minus) = Change 5 button to Mouse right click
/ = Change 5 button to again Mouse left click

For Windows Xp:

In windows xp you can also start this same thing. You can start this trick just by above shortcut keys.

Press Left alt + Left Shift + Number lock

This will start the same trick on Windows xp too.. If you want to make changes in speed of cursor and other things like I mentioned in windows 7 section, then just go to control panel, and open Easy Accessibility option in it. You will get new window with few tabs. Select mouse tab and you can do all settings like above from that page. So simple.

So this is it. Moving mouse cursor from keyboard is not as good as moving it from mouse. It is little time consuming task. But surely it is a helpful thing during some situations.

For other help use this link as reference : Click Here

Have fun.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Make your laptop as WiFi Hot Spot !!! Wifi Thetering

Suppose you are having internet and you can share that same internet with your multiple devices like laptop, mobile and tab. Yes, it is now possible. You can easily share your internet connection over wifi with your other wifi enabled devices. For that you only need one free app, with that you can easily make your own free wifi hotspot and share your internet connection with other devices with password protection. So it is safe too. Check out below link for more information.

How it is possible?
Connectify is the software I am talking about. With this software you can easily share your internet connection over wifi (with password protection) to any wifi enabled device. Not only one you can share it  with multiple devices at one time. For that you just need to download software from this site and good thing is that it is totally free. After downloading and installing the lightweight application, Connectify utilizes your computer's built in Wi-Fi card to wirelessly share any available Internet connection: a cable modem, a cellular card, or even another Wi-Fi network. Other Wi-Fi enabled devices including laptops, smart phones, music players, and gaming systems can see and join your Connectify hotspot just like any other Wi-Fi access point and are kept safe and secure by password-protected WPA2 Encryption.

Isn't that great! Our own free WiFi Hot Spot. But the only draw back i found so far is this software is only for Windows 7 operating system(This thing is old). Now worries for XP users, with new and upgraded version you can easily tether your internet via windows xp and other operating system too.

Just look at below's image...

As you can see in image we just have to choose our WiFi name,Password(if we want) and the Internet Connection which we want to choose for this. This is it. Enjoy. So this is how we can done wifi tethering using our computer.

Have fun.

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