Monday, March 14, 2011

Access Your Partner/Friend's Computer Remotely

If we having Internet facility than we can access our friend or any other's computer remotely. Just Click on below image to go on Team Viewer Site :

We just need to install this software from this site. And We can easily access any(not without permission/password) computer remotely. 

About TeamViewer: Team Viewer can easily connects to any Computer or server around the world within a few seconds. We can remote control our partner or friend's computer as if we were sitting right in front of it. 

How It Works : This software provide us one ID and one Password. ID is permanent for a particular Computer(will be different in other Computers) but Password will be automatically generated (will be different each time) when we open this software. So if we want to access any friend's computer then we have to ask him for his ID and Password(which will be different each time) to connect with his computer. And have to share our ID and Password if someone wants to access our computer. As Password is automatically generated each time, so once we break the connectivity with the second computer then that computer can't connect with our computer with the same password. So its a reliable too. :)

Many big companies are using this software to solve their customers problems . And why not ?? They can easily solve any problem without going at their customer's home. So even if some friend having some problem with his/her  computer system or any other computer related problem, we can easily sort it out with the help of this Software from our Home !!! Have Fun.

Exchange Your Mouse's Left Right Buttons Working

Mostly all mouses having two buttons (left and right) with rolling button between them. Now we can exchange the function of left right buttons of the mouse. Means left button of mouse will do the functions of right button and right button of the mouse will do the functions of left button.

Just follow this steps :

  • Follow this path : Control Panel - Mouse
  • You will able to see Mouse Properties window
  • In that window you have to open Buttons tab from above.
  • Now tick on the Switch primary and secondary buttons just like below image.

  • After selecting just click on Apply. That's it.
It is very simple. After applying this settings we already exchanged the functions of left and right buttons of the mouse.

May be some of you already knows about this very simple trick. But still I know few people who really don't have any idea about this. When I did something similar with their system , they thought their mouse was having some problem. But i told them about the truth. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Move Mouse Cursor By Keyboard

People always used to of mouse. Even in laptop some people don't like touch pad, so they mostly use USB mouse. So mouse is an important part of computer, and users can't use the computer properly without it. So if somehow our mouse get damaged or get other problem then it will be very hard for us to use computer without it, and specially in emergency situation. But I have one trick using which we can operate mouse cursor with help of keyboard for time being and in emergency situation. This can be really helpful.

Now just recently i found on Internet that we can also move mouse cursor with the help of keyboard. How can we do it? Just follow below steps: (for windows 7)

For Windows 7:

1. Just follow this path : Control Panel - Ease of Access Center - Make the mouse easier to use.

You will get below screen :

Now as per image first tick on Turn on Mouse Keys and then click on Set up Mouse Keys.

2. Now you will reach to second page as below image :

Now as shown in image tick on Turn on Mouse Keys . And as just shown in image click on 'on' in Other settings if it is not clicked. You can change other settings too if you want.

Now apply all this settings. You are almost done. Now you will able to see a new icon in your task-bar right below side of your monitor. Now you just have to on number lock when you want to move mouse cursor from your keyboard. After switch on the number lock you can move your mouse cursor with the help of your number pad from your keyboard.

If you want to on this feature more easily then you can also use this direct keys :  Left alt + Left Shift + Numb Lock 

By above shortcut keys you can directly on this feature and start moving your cursor with number pad. You will get the small window with message after pressing above short cut keys. Just choose yes from it and this feature will be directly start.

Just remember this numbers, this will help you to move mouse using keyboard more easily.

4 = Move Left
8 = Move Up
6 = Move Right
2 = Move Down
5 = Mouse Left Click
- (minus) = Change 5 button to Mouse right click
/ = Change 5 button to again Mouse left click

For Windows Xp:

In windows xp you can also start this same thing. You can start this trick just by above shortcut keys.

Press Left alt + Left Shift + Number lock

This will start the same trick on Windows xp too.. If you want to make changes in speed of cursor and other things like I mentioned in windows 7 section, then just go to control panel, and open Easy Accessibility option in it. You will get new window with few tabs. Select mouse tab and you can do all settings like above from that page. So simple.

So this is it. Moving mouse cursor from keyboard is not as good as moving it from mouse. It is little time consuming task. But surely it is a helpful thing during some situations.

For other help use this link as reference : Click Here

Have fun.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Make your laptop as WiFi Hot Spot !!! Wifi Thetering

Suppose you are having internet and you can share that same internet with your multiple devices like laptop, mobile and tab. Yes, it is now possible. You can easily share your internet connection over wifi with your other wifi enabled devices. For that you only need one free app, with that you can easily make your own free wifi hotspot and share your internet connection with other devices with password protection. So it is safe too. Check out below link for more information.

How it is possible?
Connectify is the software I am talking about. With this software you can easily share your internet connection over wifi (with password protection) to any wifi enabled device. Not only one you can share it  with multiple devices at one time. For that you just need to download software from this site and good thing is that it is totally free. After downloading and installing the lightweight application, Connectify utilizes your computer's built in Wi-Fi card to wirelessly share any available Internet connection: a cable modem, a cellular card, or even another Wi-Fi network. Other Wi-Fi enabled devices including laptops, smart phones, music players, and gaming systems can see and join your Connectify hotspot just like any other Wi-Fi access point and are kept safe and secure by password-protected WPA2 Encryption.

Isn't that great! Our own free WiFi Hot Spot. But the only draw back i found so far is this software is only for Windows 7 operating system(This thing is old). Now worries for XP users, with new and upgraded version you can easily tether your internet via windows xp and other operating system too.

Just look at below's image...

As you can see in image we just have to choose our WiFi name,Password(if we want) and the Internet Connection which we want to choose for this. This is it. Enjoy. So this is how we can done wifi tethering using our computer.

Have fun.

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