Friday, December 30, 2011

Effective Use Of Mouse During Surfing!!!

Hello Friends :)

Internet has became our daily usage. We are using it now on daily basis. I have some good tips for surfing internet more effectively and easily via mouse. I mean I want to share some mouse tricks for internet purpose which may be know to you or may be unknown. But surely its very useful.

This will work differently for laptop's touch-pad users and for the mouse users. So please follow this instruction. 

For Mouse Users :: Press Rolling button
For Laptops touch pad users :: Tab on touch-pad with two fingers
(For following things)

Now what is the usage of above ? Here it is.

Click On Browsers Tab :: Click the rolling button(touch with two fingers on touch pad for laptop users) on TAB of your browser to close it. Yes you can close the tab just by pressing rolling button on it. Its a quite easy method to close the tabs of the any browser.

Click On Links :: By clicking links by rolling button of mouse we can open that web-page in new page. So no need to right click it and select 'open in new tab' option. Just press the rolling button on it and that will do the same thing.

Click On White Space :: Its quite normal thing for mouse users. I mean if we click mouse rolling button on white space of webpage or on any document we can scroll that page more faster and easily(just moving mouse around). But for laptop touch pad users, If they want to do something like this then they can just tab the touch-pad with double finger. 

This is not much. But believe me this is really helpful during surfing internet and in other work. Just try it. Have fun. ;)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Menu Buttons For Blogger !!

I have tried to put menu buttons on my blog many times. But unfortunately so far I never done it. I got few good information from friends about how to put them on blog. But all those procedures needed to change something in html content of the template. And that's little complicate. So always avoiding it. But just recently found the easiest way to make menu buttons on blogger. I don't know whether it is already known or newly added feature. But its quite cool and easy. Just see the below image.

When you see the menu of your blog from the dashboard of the blogger. You will found option "Pages" like shown in above image. Just click on it. You will get the window like above image.

Now form it you can add the different pages(by clicking on New page) you want to add. You can also add blank page and you can also add page with direct URL where you want to redirect users. This pages will work as menu buttons on your blog. There is by default HOME page which is for home page of your blog. And for more buttons you can add more pages. 

After adding those pages you need to show those pages on your blog. I mean show that menu on your blog. You just need to click on show pages as tab and need to select where you want to show it.. Just like below image :

Just select any option from it. And your menu bar will be available on your blog. No need to make changes on html page of your template. I still haven't added it for this blog. But soon it will be added.  ;) Have fun.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Copy Links from any site without opening them !

Want to take links from sites without opening those web pages. I mean sometimes its important to check the link from any sites before opening them. And also sometimes we need to note those links for many purposes like documentation or pasting them on another place. 

So here is the very simple and easy way to to copy those links without opening any webpage. So it will be much safer too.

Just open webpage from which you want to copy link. Now open word-pad or Microsoft Office Word. Now click on the link and drag it into either word-pad or Microsoft office word. That link will be automatically copied in to them. Notepad will not do the trick so just use word-pad (which is already come with Windows) or Microsoft office word.

Another Trick is easier than previous one. Just right click on the link and press the option from popup menu as per browser below.

Google Chrome- Press Copy link address from the popup menu
FireFox- Press Copy Link Location from the popup menu
Opera- Press Copy link address from the popup menu
Internet Explorer- Press Copy Shortcut from the popup menu

By selecting this option from the popup menu you copied the link from that site. Now you can paste it by Ctrl+V in application like notepad and word-pad.

So this is it. This will copy your links from any site without opening those links. This can be helpful for many purpose. Hope you found it helpful. Have fun.:)

Image Credits to: suphakit73

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