Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Convert image to icon And Make your own icon

Icons are important for designing purpose. Many times people need to convert some images in to icon or they just want to make their own icon for different purpose. For designers, it’s quite easy but it is hard for those who aren’t professional designer. But there are few ways from which such people can do these things quite easily without learning those technical stuffs.

There are two easy ways:

Convert image to icon:
If you want permanent software for this work than you can download icon maker software which can easily convert any kind of images into different size of icons for you.

There is also online image to icon converter available using which you can easily convert your images (size limit=less than 1mb) into different size of icons.

Make your own icon:
For this you can use icon maker software. You don’t need a professional skill for this work. This software has provided very easy way of making icon. You just need your imagination and you will able to create your own icon in very short time. And as per requirement you can make icons in different sizes (like 32*32, 64*64…).

So now there is no need to search for free icons on internet. You can easily make your own icon and can convert any image into icon as you like.  Have fun.

Friday, February 17, 2012

How to fix if your computer time changes automatically

Some time when we start our computer its system time changes automatically. Mostly all people think that this is the problem related to that small battery which runs this clock. But it is not true in all cases.

Just recently I have similar problem with my computer. My computer starts with normal time but after few minutes its time get changed automatically (probably after connected to Internet) !! This was really irritating problem because I have to correct my time each time I restart my computer. After changing time it works okay till I restart it again.

I have searched about this thing many time and finally got a helpful and working tip from my friend.
This problem can arise due to incorrect time zone selection. Yes when I checked my time zone it was incorrect. I immediately set it to the correct one and since then its working fine.  So if your clock is not working properly than you can check this thing. If this is not set correctly the time can change when you connect your computer to internet. So you can correct it from date and time setting by right clicking clock from bottom right part.

You can also disable Internet synchronize time from the date and time settings which will not change your time even you having wrong time zone selected.

This is very basic thing but still can be really irritating sometimes. So just keep above two things in mind as a solution if you ever face something like this. Have fun.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hide Download Links! And Increase Downloading Speed

Many of you are used to of upload their files on file hosting sites like Rapid Share and Mega Upload. After uploading files people used to share it on their site. Now in some cases people want to share file but don’t want to share link of that file for many reasons.  

So there is a way people can hide their downloading links.

It is CryptLoad software. Just download a downloader from this site and you can hide your links with that downloader.

How to do it??

  • First upload your file in any file hosting site. (Like Rapidshare)
  • After upload complete just copy the link. Now open this downloader and add this link in it. You can add this copied link by selecting 'Clipboard from' adding option. See this image.

  • Now add a file by selecting that particular file like below image.

  • Now you will see the download started option in this downloader. Just Right click the Direct link option which is the link you copied and click on ‘CryptLoad Container File’ to save the link encrypted file in your system. Just see the below image. Now you will get the encrypted file of your link on your system.

  • Now just share this file directly. No need to go for any file hosting company because it will be in very less size (only in few kbs).
  • Now people can only download this file with this downloader only. They will able to download the file but not able to know the link of this file. 
So with this there will be no risk to your links. It will be stay for ever. 

Increase Downloading Speed

Now people used to download big files using this file hosting sites directly. Just use this downloader to download these files like I mentioned above, and just believe me you will get amazing download speed. You will notice high speed for downloading than what you are getting normally. Have fun.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Online Image Editor! Make image background transparent and Many More

For designing purpose, image editing is important. People also used to make image background transparent for the same purpose. And for that people always need designing software. Mostly people use Photoshop for this work but we having one alternative too by which we can do all that things without any software on our Hard Disk.


LunaPic: Just see this website. This is like online image editor. It is having many useful image editing options which are really cool. It can give wonderful effects in your image which can make your image more than simple. If someone in designing field than this website is really helpful. I mean if Photoshop is not available than they can use this alternative for time being.

First upload your image on this site with uploading option and that you can perform many edition options.
  • Edit (Make Background Transparent): After uploading the image you can make your white background of image transparent. Just go in editing option from menu and you will found transparent as a last option. Click on transparent option. Then you will see your image. Just click on the area which you want to make transparent and it will be done automatically. You can also use magic want option like Photoshop. There are also other options like re-sizing and cropping image in edit menu which are useful.
  • Draw Option: Using draw menu you will get different drawing tool for your image.
  • Effects: You can choose different effects for your image like I have chosen 3d box effect for my above image.
  • Animation Effect: You can also give animation effect to your image which will be saved in GIF format. There are many cool animation effects which will make your image lot cooler. Example, a water drooping effect in your image will look good instead of just normal static image.
  • Tutorials: There are some tutorials also by which you can learn about editing image more efficiently.
So in short it is great option which is really helpful for designing purpose. So from now on you don’t need that big software on your computer system for minor image editing purpose which can’t be done on Microsoft Paint.

This was all about editing your images.. Now if you are interested in editing photos online, then you should check this out: Free Online Photo Editing for Fun. Using this you can easily edit for photos and give them some funny and cool effects.

I hope you liked it.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Set videos as your desktop background

This is surely not new. But just few days back one of my friends was asking me about this so I thought I should post it here too.

I hope you have heard about DreamScene. If not than you should read this.

It is like addon from Microsoft using which you can set videos as wallpaper. So you can set your video songs or any other videos as your desktop background. So there is no need of those boring static wallpapers.

How to get it?

There may be direct download link available on the internet. But as I said in my previous post any unknown download source can be risky. So better you follow the proper and safe way.

  •          Open windows update from the Control Panel.
  •          Now check for Windows DreamScene in View Available Extras list.
  •          If there is no such thing than you should check for new updates.
  •      After updates, you will able to see Windows DreamScene in list. Just install that update and all done.

How to set videos as wallpaper?

Now we already completed the download section. Now time to set video as desktop background. It is quite easy.

For setting wallpaper as our desktop background, we used to right click on image and click on ‘set as desktop background’. As we completed download process now we can set videos as background just by right clicking on video file and selecting ‘set as desktop background’ like we do with images.

But remember Dreamscene supports only WMV and MPG video formats. So you need to convert your videos before in these formats before setting them as your background.

Note:- Surely setting videos as your desktop background instead of simple wallpapers can slow down your computer(not much). So make sure that you having more RAM in your system.

You can ask me if you have any queries on this. Bye.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How risky it can be? Installing Pirated Software!

Many people used to install pirated software in their computer system to save some money. I know many people think that it is not that necessary to spend money for some software.  But do they really understand the risk in installing pirated software!!!  It is not okay legally but there are many other risks involved too which people should know.

I usually don’t used to install such software on my system. But recently I got cd of needed software from my friend. It wasn't genuine but as it was urgent I decided to install it. I have Anti-Logger software in my system. When I finished the installation of that software I tried to open it. Immediately my Anti-Logger show me a pop up window that Anti-Logger software detected and that was that pirated software!! I immediately uninstall that software without using it even it was urgent.

About Anti-Logger: For those who don’t know about it. It is a protection like Anti-Virus which provides the protection against the key-stroke recorder software. This key-stroke recorder software keeps the record of pressed keys of your keyboard and sends it its maker.

Do you know what it means?? Means someone can get your passwords and other important details from such software via those pirated software. Just think that what will happen if your personal and important bank details data reach to some hacker!! It is scary.

Not only this, hackers can send you any harmful things with such pirated software. So please understand the risk behind it. I know pirated software gives full featured software in very less cost. But some of that software may contain such harmful data which is surely not healthy for your system.

So be safe and have fun.

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