Friday, April 26, 2013

Make special and unique symbols using keyboard

I have came to know about some special symbols which we can make using our keyboard easily. Well, they aren’t on the keyboard by default, but if you will press some combination of keys from the keyboard then they will be appear. They are surely interesting. And you can use all of them to anywhere, on internet too.

Now let me start. First make sure that you have on your num lock from your keyboard. Means you should able to type those numbers from your keyboard. Now let’s start with some basic numbers. Press ‘Alt’ and then numbers one by one. Means first press Alt and with that press 1 number and then leave both of them. Do it for every number and see what you are getting.

For example, you will get: Alt+1 = ☺
Alt+6=♠, etc.

So check out all the numbers. I am sure you will found different interesting symbols using different numbers which you can use anywhere.

Now let me tell you about few special numbers which are little harder to remember, but surely they are important. Trick is the same. Here are they:

Alt+0153=™ (here you don’t need to press all together, just hold your finger on Alt button and then press those numbers one by one by holding Alt)
Similarly, Alt+0169=©
Alt+0176=° (degree)
Alt+11= (male)
Alt+12= (female)
Alt+24/5/6/7 = ↑/↓/→/← (press 24,25… one by one to get different symbol)

So this is it. There are many more. And you can find out by yourself by pressing different number one by one. 

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