Monday, February 6, 2012

Set videos as your desktop background

This is surely not new. But just few days back one of my friends was asking me about this so I thought I should post it here too.

I hope you have heard about DreamScene. If not than you should read this.

It is like addon from Microsoft using which you can set videos as wallpaper. So you can set your video songs or any other videos as your desktop background. So there is no need of those boring static wallpapers.

How to get it?

There may be direct download link available on the internet. But as I said in my previous post any unknown download source can be risky. So better you follow the proper and safe way.

  •          Open windows update from the Control Panel.
  •          Now check for Windows DreamScene in View Available Extras list.
  •          If there is no such thing than you should check for new updates.
  •      After updates, you will able to see Windows DreamScene in list. Just install that update and all done.

How to set videos as wallpaper?

Now we already completed the download section. Now time to set video as desktop background. It is quite easy.

For setting wallpaper as our desktop background, we used to right click on image and click on ‘set as desktop background’. As we completed download process now we can set videos as background just by right clicking on video file and selecting ‘set as desktop background’ like we do with images.

But remember Dreamscene supports only WMV and MPG video formats. So you need to convert your videos before in these formats before setting them as your background.

Note:- Surely setting videos as your desktop background instead of simple wallpapers can slow down your computer(not much). So make sure that you having more RAM in your system.

You can ask me if you have any queries on this. Bye.


iTechColumn said...

Yeah one thing is this method can make the computer slow.. otherwise it is a nice build.. Thanks for sharing..

Naruto said...

Yes... That's why I posted that note below. But in 1GB ram it works quite smoothly.. I don't think it can create more problem.

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