Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Google Magic !!!

Got a great trick of Google . You all gonna love this. Do this steps :
  • Open Google home page on your browser.
  • Then search "Google gravity" in the search bar(without ")
  • Now open the first page from the search results and see what are you getting (Another Google search page) (or directly open this link: Google Gravity)
  • Now try to search anything on that page (anything like "ABC")
  • And see the magic !!!
Try the above trick and I am sure you gonna love this. I wonder how people are making this stuff. Great job. Tell me if you liked it. :)


viji said...

Wow interesting!! I did it and I like it very much.
Thanks for sharing.

Naruto said...

Yes like falling Google.

Raph Njuguna said...

that is great stuff...

Naruto said...

He he.. yes it is good.

Amit Rawat said...

Or we can just type " Google Gravity " without ""
and click on I'm feeling lucky.. BTW nice post.
Pls visit my blog http://computer-tricks-corner.blogspot.com/2011/10/cool-tricks-or-google-gravity-fun-trick.html

Naruto said...

well.. With newer google we can't press feeling lucky without making changes for that. Seen it its good one.

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