Thursday, August 16, 2012

Social networking statistics for Business

If you are having business or a website then promoting them is quite important. There are many ways of promoting your site or business online, but promoting them using social networking sites is the best and free option we are having. There are few famous and good sites using which we can surely make our business profile for free, and gather audience for it. It is the best way of getting targeted traffic for our content. So if you are not using it than you are missing a good way of advertising for sure.

There are few social networking sites using which you can create your business page or profile for your business for free and with that you can surely get good traffic by getting more followers for those pages. And surely publishing your site link on more and famous sites will improve your site rank too. So it is good in many ways. 

With these kinds of sites, you can create profile page of your business with all details, you can also put other social networking tools on it and also you can put your latest stuffs like recent posts and news from your site or business. With these your site readers and other audience will able to catch up with your recent content more easily and it will be good for getting more traffic on your site.

Let’s see about best social networking sites for this purpose.

Best social networking sites:
Facebook: I don’t think I have to describe anything about it but mostly people only using it for having fun with friends and getting in touch with them. But these kind of popular social sites also can be great for our site and business. Using Favebook fan page, you can create your business page or your site fan page on it. You can post all news and recent content about your business and site on it. With these your will able to gather audience at famous place, and also you can take help of your friends on facebook. So this way you will surely able to get more traffic for your site and business.

Google +: Google + is giving very good competition for facebook for sure. In addition now days I have seen that people are getting attract with this social site more because of its new and unique features. Using Google + too you can create more than one page about your site and business. You can publish this page to all your friends and others, and they will able to get in touch with your content of site and other news more easily.

Twitter: Twitter is specially for sharing content with friends. And it is surely very popular specially for getting traffic for our site. So if anyone is not using this they are missing huge traffic for their sites. You can surely create special twitter account for your business or site and gather followers for it. More followers mean you can have more traffic for each your recent post and news.

ApSense: I don’t know if this site is more popular like other sites mentioned above but surely this social site is too good especially for Business. This site is specially made for promoting our business and there are having different good ways to promote our business page. Recently they have also introduced brand page for our business or site which can be really handy to promote our business or site on apsense and other sites. I have also created brand page for this site just take a look at it below.

Linkedin: This social site is also good for business, but so far I have no experience for it. But soon I will try to add details about my site into this one too and update about its functions soon. But surely it is speedily growing social site and I have already got many add request from my friends. So I am going to join them soon.  

So this is it. Social networking sites is great place for promoting our stuffs too, it should be not limited for entertaining purpose only. I hope this information will be helpful for your business somehow. Best of luck.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Online PDF viewer and Editor

PDF files are quite known document style especially in office use. So many times we need to create PDF files or edit them during our work. PDF files are surely not like other normal document files that we can view and edit easily with notepad and other document editor software on our computer. We need some special software to open them and edit them and for that we need to purchase one good. But we are having some easy and free solution for this problem, with that we can do all those things without any software.

There is one site using which we can easily view our PDF files online. Not only that we can also edit our pdf files and can make changes in them easily. We can also create fresh PDF file using the same software. So such kind of online tool can really be helpful for our work. I mean we don’t need any software for that, we just need internet and we can complete our work from any computer.

What can we do?
Create fresh PDF file online: Using this online tool we can easily make new PDF file just like normal text editor.

Online PDF viewer: Same way we can checkout our PDF files with this tool, even we don’t having any software to read pdf files on our computer.

Edit PDF file for free: As I mentioned above we can create fresh PDF file quite easily just like normal text editor, same way we can upload our already existed PDF files and can edit them quite easily. You can easily add new text and remove the old text. Plus you can also add images to your pdf files quite easily.

You can do all above things from here: PDF Escape 

So this is it. This is really worthy online tool for those who have to work on PDF files regularly. This tool can really help them in their work. Hope this information will be helpful to you. Enjoy ;).

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Google Tricks: Gaming and Fun Related

Google is full of unique things and surprises. With that Google is also having few interesting tricks with its search engine. I have found some Google search engine tricks which are really cool. Some of them are really interesting and funny. I am sure you like them too. Just try all of them.

Shooting Game Google Trick
Here is quite cool trick. With this trick you will get some game like shooting where you have to hunt the insects which are eating your searching. Sounds interesting, Right? Check it out below.

Just follow these steps
  • First open the Google search Engine
  • Type “zerg rush
  • Press Enter or Search that keyword
  • Wait for 5 seconds (depending on your Internet Speed), and see the magic.
I am sure you will be surprised seeing its result, of course if it is still unknown to you. He he. For me, I have never seen it before so it was surprising for me. Hope you will like it too. Share it with friends and see their reactions. 

Google Packman: Another Gaming Related Trick
Packman is quite famous game in gaming world. I am sure you all have played this game on sometime. Want to give a try again for the same game. Here it is.

Just click this link. You will be redirected to google search page, with this game instead of Google logo. You can play the game too by using your keyboard navigation keys. So enjoy your Packman gaming experience again.

Let search Google by itself!!!!
This is my favorite one. And this is really good trick to share with someone. I don’t know how to tell you , I mean this will clear your ideas more when you use it. You can just search anything with this site, and this site will make a link for you. You can share that link with your friends which are quite lazy in typing and searching things on Google. It is like fun. Check out below link which I have made for my site.

He he. No need to type and press search button you lazy people. Okay that was just a joke. Here is the site link using which you can make such links.

With this site you can easily make links like this. And you can surely surprise your friends with this thing. I am sure you will like this too.

Tilt Your Google
This is not gaming related but you will surely love to see your favorite search engine tilted. He he. Follow the below instruction and you will find out about what I am saying.
  • Open Google Search
  • Type “tilt”
  • Hit Enter button or search above keyword
  • And see the result
I am sure you will love to see tilted Google. Enjoy.

Roll your Google
 This is another cool trick. Seeing our Google Rolling is quite unique thing to see. Check it by yourself.
  • Open Google Search
  • Type “do a barrel roll”
  • Hit Enter button or search above keyword directly
  • And see the result.
I am sure you will surprise seeing your Google Rolling. He he, it is funny. Enjoy.

Move your Google: Google Sphere
This is also cool trick. You will see your Google searches and Google page moving here and there. It is also just fun related trick. Go to below link and you will able to enjoy it.

Google Gravity Trick
I have already explained about it in some of my previous post. You can also check it out. I am sure you like this one too. Got to Google Gravity.

So this is it. I have explained all the tricks which I recently came to know about it. Hope you like them. I will update more when I came to know about more. ;) Have fun.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Use of Pendrive: Renting or Lending

Do you used to lend pendrive to others? Or do you used to rent pendrive from others? Then you should read this article.

Pendrive is not the new gadget for us. People which are working on computer mostly use this device for transferring their data from one computer to another and to storing their data. But with that people also used to rent pendrive of other people and also used to lend their prendrive to other people. Do you really think it is normal thing? I mean do you think it is safe?

Personally I don’t think it is safe at all. I am not saying that we should not give pendrive to anyone. But we should be careful on this renting or lending pendrives. Pendrive is the most common source of Viruses and infected files. So when we use it on unknown computer it is highly possible that it can get affected with those viruses and infected files. Now if we lend it to others and use it back without removing those infected files we can easily get that virus and other harmful things on our system. Now you will say that we can use antivirus to scan those viruses. True, but I don’t think all Anti-viruses are 100% safe. So it is possible that we can get those viruses even we are using good antivirus. Same thing can happen if we use someone other’s pendrive in to our computer. Both can give the same results.

So it is quite risky to use Pendrive like this. Personally I am giving pendrive to some of my friends (very limited). But what I do is before using that pendrive again, I used to format that pendrive completely. Yes we can lose our important files like that. But better we use different pendrive for our important files and never lend it to anyone. So formatting pendrive completely before using it, will erase all those infected files too. So it will be safe to use again in our computer.

If you think pendrive is from safe source, then you can use it after basic scanning from antivirus. But yes better keep in mind that from which source you got it. I mean you can easily recognize that source is safe or not.

So Pendrive is like our personal thing. And better we use it like that. No need to give it to all people who ask for it from us. Use it wisely.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Infolinks: Launched mobile application

There is good news for the Infolinks users. They are doing many good changes these days. First they have new look with the My Account panel. And now we are having mobile applications to manage our Infolinks account.

Yes they have already launched mobile applications to monitor our site status and earnings on Infolinks. All android and Apple device users can install this app on their smart phone and get the latest updates for their earning. This app is quite cool and we can get detail information of our site daily views and daily earnings.

Personally I love Infolinks and it is working best for my blog. With this app on my Iphone, now I can easily monitor my daily earnings and site status more easily. Love this update.

What we can check?
  • Real time report for earnings and views on our site
  • Day, Weekly and monthly report of our site status and earning
  • Payment reports
  • Daily Notifications
  • Read blog post

Who can download?
Well, all android users and Apple device users can install this app on their smart phones as per version. All android users can download this app.

In Apple devices all devices which are having IOS 4.0 or later can download them. It is not available for older IOS version.

Is Internet safe?

The simple answer is ‘YES’ but only if we follow some basic things and use the Internet safely. These days hackers are becoming smarter and trying new and new hacking schemes to fool the people. So being safe from these stuffs is quite important especially during using the Internet. People always used to surf unknown sites and download different things from Internet without carrying about safety. But this can create lots of problem for them especially when they are accessing some secure and important sites like net banking from the same computer. Just think what will happen if those hackers will get our passwords and other personal details of those secure sites? Our system can easily get infected from unknown downloads and harmful sites. So better be safe when it times to use the Internet.

 Here are few points on which we should concentrate during accessing Internet.

Never use important sites on public computer
People always used to use public computers like accessing internet from cyber cafes. Well, I will advise you to never access your important sites from such public computer. Those computers are totally unknown for you and can have any spyware and virus which can collect your personal information like password for those important sites. So better not be care free on this thing. Always use important sites only on your personal computer so that you never face any problem for your secured sites.

Choose the better Antivirus
Well, these days almost all people are using antivirus to make their system clean. But better we choose the right antivirus for the same purpose. As we are talking about Internet right now, it is better to use the antivirus which is also providing security for the infected sites and mails. I mean not all antivirus provide such facility, some are only limited to scan hard disk, flash drive and other things. But better choose antivirus which is also providing security for our Internet work which will give us safe Internet experience.

Personal computer is for you only
I mean to say that, personal computers are for our personal use. So better we not allow unknown people to let it use. Not even to your friends if you do not trust them 100%. Anyone can intentionally or not intentionally insert some harmful stuff in your computer which can hurt your personal details. And some spyware or other harmful apps can easily track your Internet activity and pass that information to the hackers.

Be careful on using unknown sites and unknown downloads
This is quite common mistake which can cause many troubles to any person. I have seen many people which not even think before using unknown sites and downloading unknown stuffs. But this is most important thing to take care of. Some infected sites can easily hurt your computer by inserting virus or spyware in it. Same goes for unknown downloads. Some unknown downloads or pirated software can easily create troubles to you. I have already mentioned about risk factors for installing pirated software in my previous article.

Keep your Firewall on
Firewall is an important tool for being safe from the unwanted things from the Internet. During installation process some software can tell you about switching off the firewall, be careful on such downloads. If you think they are secure than better switch firewall on after installing process. Firewall used to keeps track if some software from our computer or site which we are surfing trying to access our computer unauthorizedly. So always keep it on.

Installing toolbars and unknown extensions on your browser
Many people used to download some unknown toolbars and unknown extensions on their browser. But be careful on this thing too. Installing such things mean we are allowing them to access our data. I mean some of them can track your internet activity for that browser. So better keep that thing in mind and surf securely without those unknown stuffs for your browser.

So this is it. Following this basic rules and ideas you can easily make your Internet experience safe and secure. Hope it will help you to stay secure. Be safe.

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