Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taskbar Properties [windows 7]

In all windows operating system we are having very useful taskbar. It is getting used mostly when we  are operating our computer. But have you gone through its properties in details. There are many good options available their to modify that taskbar. Let’s talk about those properties from which we can make lots of changes to the taskbar.

Pin the Programs on Taskbar:
In windows 7 you can put your programs on the taskbar permanently. It is like you can pin your programs on the taskbar. So with that you don’t need to find out them in the deep of your drives. Just open any program and right click on it from the task bar like shown in below image. Now just click on Pin this program to taskbar. That will do all for you.

Increase the size of Taskbar:
You can also increase the size of the taskbar. It can be beneficial for you if you have pin lots of icons on your taskbar. By this way you can put lots of icons on your taskbar too.

Just Right Click on taskbar and click on properties.

Now uncheck the Lock the taskbar option. And apply the settings.

Now as shown in below image click on boarder of the taskbar and drag it up, it will increase the size of your taskbar. You can lock it again so that you don’t make changes in its size by mistakenly.

Changing the Taskbar position:
By default we are having taskbar at the bottom of our windows. But you know we can change position of this taskbar as we like. I mean we can put it on left side, right side and top also.  Yes we can put it on any one side from 4 sides as we feel it comfortable.

Just Right Click on taskbar and select properties.

Now you will see the Taskbar location on screen option in those properties.

Select any side from that option and your taskbar will be adjusted in that side after applying the settings. Just see this image, I have adjusted it on right side. 

Hiding Taskbar:
Hiding means, you can hide taskbar when you don’t need it. If you are working on your program or surfing net then you can hide that taskbar on that time. But don’t you worry it will be reappear again when you will move your mouse cursor on the area of your taskbar. So it’s an automatic process.

To activate this option, go to properties of taskbar similarly you opened above. Now just check on Auto-hide the taskbar option and apply the settings. Now it will work as I mentioned above.

Make Icons small on Taskbar:
In windows 7 we are having big icon sets on our taskbar. We can make those icons small too with the properties option. Just open the property again and check on use small icons option and apply the settings. It will be done.

Hide Unwanted Icons near clock:

Just see the image above. Sometimes after installing some software we get many icons in this section. Also sometimes we keep getting alerts from some icons during our work. But you can hide those icons and make the list shorter with this taskbar property.

From the properties page, just click on Customize from the Notification area section. By this, you will get the list of icons from the notification area. From this list you can hide (and also reshow) those unwanted icons.

So this is it. Using above method we can personalize the taskbar by our own way. Thanks for reading and have a great day and have fun.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Windows Taskbar Toolbar

Have you used this option anytime on your windows 7? If not then surely you are missing a good effective option of windows operating system. Using windows taskbar toolbar you can put many shortcuts on your windows taskbar. Taskbar is a bar which is available at the bottom of the windows which is carrying the start menu, other icons and that date/time tool.

How to Use It?
It is very easy. Just right click on the Taskbar and go in Toolbars option. You will found many options like address, links, desktop, etc… You can select any of them and put a shortcut of that thing on taskbar. You can also choose your own program or folder or file by choosing New toolbar from those options.

Few useful shortcuts using this option:

Address Toolbar:
Let me tell you about few useful shortcuts using this method. Select the first option Address from those options and you will get the address bar for surfing any site on the toolbar!! Just like below image.

Now using this you can directly write any website’s address and enter, that page will directly open into your default browser. Isn’t that amazing? You even don’t need to open any browser to start your surfing session. It is surely a useful thing.

Other Folders and Application:
You can put your other important folders/file/applications on the toolbar. By which you can open them anytime more easily especially when your file is deep inside of some drive and folders.  By this you can open them instantly without wasting more time for searching them.

So this is it. There are other options too you can put instead of these. It is quite simple, but I never see any person using this option. This one is helpful, just try it. Have fun.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Change Icon of Drive (From My Computer)

In My Computer we are having one or more drives/partitions of our hard disk. Those drives always look with their default icon. I don’t know how many of you know but we can also change the icon of those drives as per we like. Yes we can put any icon from our collection instead of those boring default icons for drives.  This will surely make My Computer window cooler and we can see something new in it. The process is not that hard, you can easily implement it by yourself. Let see how can we do it?

Image Credits to: digitalart

How to Do it?

Now suppose we need to change the icon of C drive in my computer. Let see procedure for it.
  • First found the icon which you need to put there.  Let’s take demo.ico icon for it.(It must be in .ICO file format)
  • Then put that icon in c drive. (Not in any folder, put it directly in C drive)
  • Now open the notepad and copy paste the below thing:
  • Now save this file with name: autorun.inf
  • Put this file also into C drive directly like we have put our icon previously.

That’s all need to do.

Just go to my computer and refresh it and your icon should have changed. If it is still not changed than just restart your computer and that will done all.

To get back the old icon again, just delete those two files we have created and refresh my computer or restart the computer. Your old icon will be their again.

So this is it. Hope you liked it. Have fun.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hide Drives from My Computer

Last time we have seen that how to hide any file and folder from our computer. Now how about hiding whole Partition/Drive from my computer? Yes it is possible.

Image Credit to : thanunkorn 

How it can be useful?

Now it is natural that people share one computer with their house mates and children at their home. So there is no safety of their important document and other work. With this trick person can put all his work on one drive/partition, and can hide the whole partition that nobody can see it. With this trick, nobody will able to know that computer having one more drive in it.  So we can make safe all our data with this trick. It can be quite handy and useful in many ways. Let’s see how to implement this trick. It is quite easy, just follow steps explained below.

How to do it?
  • First open RUN by pressing window key + R.
  • Type gpedit.msc and enter, you will get window of Local Group Policy Editor
  • Now from that window select one by one option explained blow.
  • User Configuration  Administrative Templates  Windows Components  Windows Explorer
  • Now select ‘Hide these specified drives in My Computer’ from the list. You will get the new window.
  • Now click on Enabled button and select the drive you want to hide as shown in below image.

  • Just click apply and it’s all done. You will not see that selected drive in my computer now.
  • To visible it again just open same window and click on disabled button and apply the settings. That hidden drive will be visible again.

Note :- If you don’t see your drive hide or visible after all settings, just restart your computer it will done all things for you.

So this is it. Hope this information will be helpful for you. Have fun.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hide Files / Hide Folders

I am sure almost all people need something like this thing to hide their important data on their computer. And this is a good trick for those who don’t having their personal computer, I mean they having one computer between 2 or more users.

I know we can easily hide our folders or files by clicking its properties and making them hide. But when ‘show hidden files’ is on from the folder option then it can be seen by anyone. It will be also appear in search option.

But from this method no one will able to know about your files and folders even that option is on and also they will not be appear in search option. Just check it out.

  • Open Command Prompt. (To open it press windows key+r, and type ‘cmd’ in run and enter)
  • Now for example, we having ‘office’ folder in D drive.
  • So to hide that folder, type this in command prompt and press enter: attrib +s +h D:\office (note: There is space between attrib and +s and also between +s and +h)
  • Now just check it. Your folder is already hidden from that drive. And no one can see it with any option.
  • Now to see that folder again, type this in command promote and press enter: attrib -s -h D:\office  (- instead of +)
  • This will make your folder visible again in the same directory.

So this is quite easy and useful method and people can save their important data like that, so no one can see it and delete it. But don’t forget your file or folder name otherwise you will never able to make them visible again. Lol.. Have fun.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Change the time of auto changing wallpaper in windows 7

In windows 7 themes we are having auto changing wallpapers function. We already saw about how to make our own theme with our own photos in previous post. Now let’s see how we can change the timing of this changing wallpaper.

Image Credits : digitalart

Follow This Steps:
  • Right click on Desktop.
  • Select Personalize.
  • From personalize window select ‘Desktop Background’ from the bottom.
  • Now you will get new windows with different themes and also your selected theme.
  • At the bottom you will see the option of ‘change picture every’. Select the time in which you want to change your wallpapers.  For Example, select 10 second if you want to change your desktop wallpaper on every 10 seconds.
  • Click on ‘Save Changes’.
That’s it. Now your time is changed. With this your wallpapers will keep changing as per your selected time. Have fun. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Make your own theme with your selected moving wallpapers [Windows 7]

In windows 7 we have the different themes like ‘Characters’, ‘Landscapes’, ‘Nature’, etc. with collection of wallpapers as per their category. And those wallpapers keep changing in regular interval automatically.

Now, we can also make our own theme in this section with our selected photos or wallpapers. By this way, we can move our own selected photos or wallpapers in regular time interval. We can also choose our own color appearance with our own theme. This can surely attract your friends and others.

Image credit to: Idea go

How to do it?

  • Before you start just make collection of photos in one folder which you want to put in theme and which will move automatically as your desktop wallpaper later.
  • Now right click on your desktop and select Personalize.
  • Using this Personalize window we are selecting our different themes.
  • Now click on ‘Desktop Background’ at the bottom of window as shown in image.
  • Now you will get new window. In this window click on ‘Browse’ and select the folder destination in which you have saved your photos for theme.
  • Now check on each photo which you want to include in your theme and click on ‘Save Changes’.
  • After saving you will be back to the Personalize window.  In this window you will notice a theme you just made in ‘My Themes’ section without name. Just right click it and give name you want.
  • Now you can make changes in Color Appearance, Sounds and Screen Saver of your theme from the bottom of Personalize window.

That’s it. This will make ready your own theme and you can always select it or change it from the same Personalize window. It’s a quite easy procedure but this will surely change your computer look as you like.

I have noticed that almost no people using this given feature. So I think about sharing on my blog. It’s always good to use all given features. ;) Have fun.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Few very interesting and useful sites

  • Put Online Alarm
  • Make your own search page
  • Short your text and share. Share text and images easily
I know some interesting sites which are useful for sure and I liked them.  They can be known to you but if they are still unknown, then I am surely you will like them too. Let's see few of them.

Image Credit To: renjith krishnan

Reading the title many of you will immediately think that is it really needed? But this is quite useful thing for them who used to spend their lots of time on internet. I mean people who used to be online lot longer due to their work or habit. Such people (including me too..lol) always forget the time and their important works because of their online activity or other work. So this feature can really help them to put reminder as per their needed.

This site carrying good and funny alarm sounds which are enjoyable.

Just click above link. I have made my own search engine with my blog’s name. It’s looking really cool. You can also make your own search engine with design you like. From HERE

You can also upload your own pics and select them as design of your search page. You can surely amaze your friends with that. You can also put your own search page on your site with site name.

I just came to know about this site. It can be useful sometime. Using this site you can write content or anything which you are frequently needed and share those text with link generated after you submit your text. You can also share images with text. So such sites can be useful if we are sharing some greetings to someone. We can also make links as per our name like I have made below with name of my blog.

Just see this link which I have made for demo purpose: http://justpaste.it/comptips

This is very simple and easily accessible site. No need to join site for using it. Simple open the site and start your work.

So these sites can be helpful in many ways. I found them interesting so I thought about sharing. Hope you enjoy them too. Bye and have fun.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Free Icons Library

Icons are pretty much important when we talk about designing work. And also some cool looking icons can really change the whole appearance of things like software or website. Not only in software and websites but we can use them at many other places too.

I have already explained about How to make own icon or convert images into icons in my previous post. You can read it HERE.

Now if you don’t want to give time in designing your own icon or if you aren’t good in designing then you can directly download free icons from below site.

Download Free Icons:

This site is having many cool looking icons uploaded by different users. You can download icons as per your need by reading all guidelines of that site.

I know there are many sites available from where we can download lots of icons. But from all of them I found that this one having very good collection and quality content too. You can check them by your own. ;) You can get icons set for different subjects by searching or by visiting different categories available their.

This can be really helpful for designers. This can save lots of their time. Have fun.

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