Friday, September 28, 2012

Save your smart phone battery

This article is written by one of good friend Sunil. It is all about saving battery life of different smart phones.

You can take help of mobile apps to keep your battery cool and going for longer durations. There are different apps available for android, Apple IOS and Symbian smart phones’ operating systems for your convenience in both paid and free of cost category. The basic difference in between free of cost and paid versions are the adverts. The free versions have adverts running in them those consume battery while the paid ones do not have any adverts. So here is the list of apps for saving battery life of different smart phones.

This is one of the sites which gives you five power profiles to select from and improves the performance of your phone’ battery automatically. This application has paid and frees versions both and has the ability to improve on WI-FI, 2G or 3G mode.

This application works best on 2G or 3G data network and shut down as soon as switched on WI-FI mode.

This application can manage power of the phone as well optimize usage of the phone as well. The application has the extra options of super saving mode and intelligent saving mode besides the normal saving mode. The application has the specialty to automatic optimizing the power saver timer as soon the battery reaches to fifty% level.

This helpful application lets you deduct the task that drains more battery of your phone as soon as the user switches this application on
So these are the apps for your android device which can help you to save your battery life by different functions. Choose best among them. 

Apple IOS
This is a helpful application where you can user system information and memory usage in its graphic user interface. The user needs not go in to settings of WI-FI, 2G or 3G to open or shut the applications but it has options in itself.

This is quite simple application which will recommend you settings to adjust which are best to give more battery life for your phone. 

So these are apps for your IOS devices, use any of them and keep your battery cool.

this application closes down any tasks or applications those consume extra power. This application saves up to thirty % battery in the process.

This app will help you to optimize your battery level. It will also show you the exact percentage of remaining battery life so that you can know the perfect battery of your smart phone. It will give you three different power modes Save, Balanced and High; using them you can easily monitor and save your phone battery as per your work.

So this is it for Symbian phones also. Now you having apps list for three famous smart phone's operating system. Find the perfect app for your phone and save your smart phone battery life. 

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