Saturday, July 28, 2012

Solution for Computer keeps on Freezing

This problem is surely not new and I am sure many of you have faced this problem with your old desktop computer.  Computer keeps on freezing or hangs because of many reasons, and that thing is really annoying sometimes. Sometimes you can also face the problem of this freezing even after formatting your hard disk. Recently I faced similar problem with my old desktop computer and it was really irritating because it was keep getting freeze up (even after formatting) in every 10 to 15 minutes after starting it, and I have to restart it again. That was too annoying because I wasn’t able to work on it because of that. I have done certain things and one of them did work for me. Let me tell you those things which can help you to avoid such irritating problem for your old desktop computer. If you having this problem than you can try out these steps, even you don’t having it now, than just keep them in your mind for future.

Check Dust inside CPU
This sounds surprising, but dust is the biggest enemy of any electric item, especially for computers. More dust on your hardware can certainly damage them. Just open the CPU and check inside that if it is not having too much dust on CPU parts. Check FAN, Mother Board, Hard disk and other things. My problem was related to this thing. It was having too much dust on FAN and other parts. If there is more dust on fan and other parts than it will be run slowly and it will increase the load. Now that will surely increase the heat in processing and that can be the reason for freezing up your computer.

Solution: Just take hair drier or air blower and clean all those dust from CPU. Clean all the parts carefully. If problem is related to this thing it will surely solve it. Even my problem of freezing computer got solved by this work. So it can work out.

Scan Hard Disk
Bad sectors of hard disk also can be reason for this problem.  If the bad sectors in hard disk increased they can surely interrupt the process of your computer. If hard disk is having some problem than also it can give the same problem of freezing up computer.

Solution: Just scan your hard disk. First defragment your hard disk using Disk Defragmenter for those bad sectors. Complete the whole process. If your problem is still on after this thing than you have to scan your hard disk with some special hard disk related software (You can find out some of them using Google easily). If that will show you error than it means that your hard disk is having real problem now and you have to change it. If no error found during this whole process than it is not hard disk related problem.

Check RAM slots
If your computer RAM is not fixed properly in its slot than also you can face the similar problem.  Other, if your computer is too old, means your RAM is too old than it can get more heat up. This more heating up can also interrupt your computer process and give you problems like freezing.

Solution: Check your RAM slot, if it is not fixed properly in its slot than fit it properly again. If problem is related to it this will do it for you. Check your RAM, if they are getting too much heat than its time to change them now.

Virus problem
Well, I will suggest you to check the above steps before this one. Surely viruses can do anything in our computer. Yes freezing computer is also one of the things they can easily do. Sometimes even after formatting you can’t get rid of them that easily. What to do? Check out the solution.

Solution: You can’t get rid of some viruses that easily. Just use and scan with proper antivirus and spyware to remove those unwanted things from your computer. Well, sometimes after getting infected it is almost impossible to get rid of them. So you need to format your computer on that time. But as I said sometimes you can’t prevent them even after formatting your computer. For that you not need simple format, you have to format your hard disk completely. Means you have to format all drives not only one which is carrying operating system. Before than that just take back up of your important files.

Old Hardware
He he.. This is the one which I am having now, but still it is running fine for me. Now if your problem is still on after trying all the options, then what to do?

Solution: Well now it’s time to change the computer.. Lol. I mean if your computer is too old than it is better to go for new one instead of changing many hard ware parts in it. I mean it will almost cost you same as new computer. So why to waste money, go for new computer if you having too many problems with many hardware.

So this is it. I am sure some of above options will work out with your problem and you will able to solve this annoying problem. I hope this information will be helpful to you. Even if you don’t having this problem for now, then also this information is worthy to keep in mind for the future. This is best you can do for this problem. Best of luck.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Indian IT industrial hub

Hello Friends. This article's idea and information given by a very good friend. So hope you enjoy this article. It is all related to Indian IT companies and its work.

In today’s world India is emerging as a major IT/ITES hub, and India’s over 1 billion population is making it world's important and strong market. There are many important IT companies which are providing great network and quality services and with that they are making India as one of the most preferred destination of IT/ITES. 

There are few good companies with International fame which are taking the leap with their value based performance and providing satisfaction in this field. Let’s know little information about those companies below.

Zenith: They have started in 1980, and played quite good role to provide latest technologies products to the Indian market. It is popular for building Smart Style LED PC. Zenith is the second largest PC manufacturer in India. 

CMS: They are leading IT and outsourced business service provider in India. They gave build popular PC systems like Zoostorm and Fizzbook. CMS is now the largest system builder of UK. 

Simmtronic: It is the manufacturer of economical 3G Tablets in International market. 

Kolkata based RP Infosystems produce Chirag computers using friendly technology, and provide at affordable price. 

Wipro manufacture computers on newest design and Technology. Their PCs are completely free from deadly chemicals. 

Govt owned Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) manufacture high performance PCs for reasonable price. 

NRI co-owned company DataWind has produced world's cheapest Aakash tablet with the help of Rajasthan IIT, which became quite popular in India especially because of its low price.

So here are few famous companies which are making India proud because of its strong position in the market. Indian talents are really providing lots good stuffs to this technology field. And I am sure they will keep growing like this. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Interesting Features: New Microsoft Office 2013

This Tuesday Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has introduced next version of Microsoft Office and surprise many people. This new version of office will be more efficient than any previous version of office. Its preview is already available on office site, look at the below video.

The new office version is specially developed for windows 8 operating system and touch based tablets.  The new features on new version that works quite well on touch, stylus, mouse or keyboard across new windows devices, including tablets. As there is more competition from other companies, they have also introduced cloud based service in this new version. 

Let’s see about its new feature in little detail.

New Office Features :

Touch Friendly: The new office system will work quite well with touch screen tablets. It will respond to touch as normally as keyboard and mouse. So those tablet users can easily use this version of office. You can easily swipe your fingers on it to read document easily, you can also pinch the document to zoom in and zoom out to read it more clearly. So access all those features with your fingers.

Inking: You can easily write anything with your finger, means handwriting is better and it will convert them in to text automatically. You can also color your content and erase them more easily with this new version.

Cloud Service with Sky Drive: As I mentioned that Microsoft also have introduced cloud based service in this new office version. You just need to sign in your live id and office will be automatically synchronized with your sky drive. Office will automatically save your documents to sky drive. So you can access your documents from any device, like computer, tablet and phone. So you can access your files from anywhere.  
After singing into office, you can get your personalized settings and recently used files on the screen. So this new version of office will brings you to the position that you had left last. So you can easily carry on your work again.

Edit PDF and Save: You can also edit your pdf files using new Office and also can save them in their adobe format. So it is good news for those who always need to edit their pdf files.

Add Videos in Document: Users can also embed their videos into document and play them directly on the new office. So this is quite new feature given by Microsoft. I am sure this new feature will be quite appreciated.

Adding photos directly from Famous Sites: You can also add photos from few famous sites like flickr, facebook and many more directly. I mean no need to save them in to your computer hard disk. This is another good feature in the new office version.

Windows RT: Office home and Student 2013 RT which is having those new versions of excel, word, power point and other, will be available on ARM- based windows 8 devices, including Microsoft surface.

New windows 8 applications: Windows 8 will have the new applications for new office and that will be OneNote and Lync. These new applications are included to deliver touch-first experiences on a tablet.

Good for socializing: Using new office we can integrate our account of Yammer social site on it. Yammer is having integration SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics. Yammer is good social site for businesses. You can sign up for free their and start using it. Using SharePoint you can follow people, team and documents directly from the office. New office has also Skype in it, after subscription you will get 60 minutes for free every month on skype. You can integrate your Skype contact into Lync and contact with them instantly directly from office.

So this is it. So far I came to know about this much features in new version of Office. And I think it is having many good features which will be appreciated by many users. Personally even I like these new changes. This will surely increase the competition between big companies and they will try something more to go ahead from each other. I hope you like this information. Have Fun. :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to convert online video into mp3

Many people used to see video songs on online sites like Youtube. This is surely good option. Sometimes we also see those video songs just because of music we like. So for that purpose, we having a nice site using which we can easily convert those videos into mp3 song and that also online. Yes we can convert those online videos from any site, directly into mp3 file instantly and we don’t need software for that.

I am talking about Snip Mp3 site. Using this site, you can easily convert any online video into mp3 file. So using this you can get just music from any online video file.
  • Just open this site.
  • You will get area where you need to copy paste the website link of that site which is carrying your video.
  • And hit the Convert button.
  • That’s it; it will easily convert that video in to mp3 file in standard quality directly on your computer. It will take time as per size of the video.

The benefit of this site is, you don’t need to purchase or download any software into your computer. You can easily convert those online videos in to any computer directly using this site. So this is a good and short way for completing our needs for this purpose.

Site Address: SnipMp3

So above is the site address. Convert online videos into mp3 instantly using this site. No need to download video and then convert it with some software. Have fun.

Note: This information has been given just for educational purpose.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Get new Chrome app on Apple Devices

Chrome browser is one of most popular browser these days. It is getting used by large number of users. It is become popular because of its few good features. Many people like the fast browsing experience with Chrome in compare of other browsers. Now Google have launched Chrome browser for Apple devices too. So now Apple device users can have Chrome browser for their apple devices like Iphone and Ipad.

This is surely good news for Apple devices. Actually Apple is already having advanced and good Safar browser, but now users can also have third party application from Google itself. Now Chrome lovers can get this browser on their apple devices. This app has many good features. With this application Apple users can directly synchronize with their Google account by sign in. They can have all bookmarks and opened windows from their desktop computer’s chrome browser in to their apple device chrome browser. So this is quite great feature. With this there are many other good features available, let’s see about them.

Features of Chrome app for Apple device

Synchronize your phone with your computer: This is quite good option. With this you can easily synchronize your mobile phone with your computer’s chrome browser.  With help of this feature you can easily bring your open tabs, bookmarks and omnibox data from your computer to your phone or tablet. You just need simple sign in to your Google account from the chrome browser of your Apple device.

Synchronize your Apple device with Chrome --->

Surf faster and easily with tabs: Just like desktop chrome browser, you can have great tab surfing experience on your Apple device too. Using these tabs you can easily open multiple sites together and can have great faster experience of Google Chrome. Look at the image; they have given good design which is very similar to the desktop version.

Have Great Experience of Tab Browsing--->

Incognito window in Chrome app in Apple device: Google haven’t forgotten about incognito window in this application. You can open this special window with your normal windows and can experience of the private surfing. Means none of your surfed history and other things will be stored on this special window. So this is also unique option available which is not available on any other mobile browser.

Browse Privately using Your Apple device --->

Easy switch between tabs (Swapping): We can very easily move/switch between different open tabs. Just need to press button and we can easily swap the opened windows. Google have given very cool animation for switching to different windows. Just see the image that how it look like. It is much easier with very cool graphics. It is surely better than the default browser Safari.

Cool swapping between Tabs--->

Most visited pages: We can see most visited pages on the starting page of the browser. Just check out the image to get more ideas. Like this way we can easily surf those sites which we are surfing daily. No need to write web address for that or no need to search them in bookmark list. They will be automatically available on your starting page, so that you can easily and speedily access those web pages.

See mostly visited pages on stat screen --->

So this is it. There are lots of good features available in this new chrome browser in compare of default Safari browser in Apple device. Now all apple users can have great experience with the new app of Google Chrome. Hope this information will be helpful to you to understand the Chrome app more easily. Have fun.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Google Drive Updates

Google have recently launched the Google Drive product. As per users demand Google have to make few changes on this products, So Google have recently announced about two major updates about Google drive. As per those updates, now Google Drive app is available for Apple devices, and the second one is now users can access their Google drive files in offline mode. So this is quite good news for the Google Drive users.

Google Drive for Apple Devices:
Google have only launched their Google Drive app for computer and android devices. Now as per demand, Google can’t forget about Apple devices. So now they have also launched application for Apple devices. So now Google Drive account can be accessed by Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch devices more easily. Apple users can download the app from below link.

Google have made quite cool app for this purpose. They have given many cool features on it. Users can access their files, videos, music and many more directly from their apple device. Not only that, as per new updates users can access their file during offline mode. So yes this is also applicable for this application. Isn’t it good? Google have given good feature for those who are blind or having less vision. For those people Google Drive app can be accessed through voice over mode. So it is quite good move from the Google. And I really appreciate it.

Access Google Drive files in offline mode
As per second update, now users can access Google Drive file during offline mode through its app. This feature has been updated because of the users demand. So this is good news for the users. Now they can access their files when they are offline, they can comments on photos and files during offline mode and many more, which all will be updated when user will be online again. Means upload and update your files during offline mode and Google will automatically update them when you are online. So this is one of great feature for any file uploading site. Google Drive users can activate this feature from the settings of the Google Drive account.

So Google have given good updates regarding Google Drive. This will surely increase the competition between similar sites. And Google is already ahead from others. So it is great.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Use Chrome More Efficiently

These days we can see hard competition between different browsers. Each browser is upgrading their version with new features. So in the end it is quite good for the users. I mean users are getting good features quickly.  Now Google Chrome is also having many good features which can make our surfing experience better. Let’s see how we can use Chrome more efficiently.

Adding Folders on Bookmark Bar
First of all, if you haven’t added bookmark bar then you are missing a good bookmarking feature. So I will suggest you to add that first. You can add it from Bookmarks option from settings, just click on show bookmarks bar.

This will give you bar below address bar where you can keep all your bookmarks. Now good thing is that you can create different folders on that bookmark bar. You can create folder by right click on bookmark bar and selecting Add folder option from the popup menu. Now you can create different folders for different sites. I mean you can categorize your sites and your links, so that you can found them more easily and fast. This way you can manage your sites more efficiently, you can reach to your all sites more quickly. You can manage many sites quite easily. To get more idea on it, check out below image.

Bookmark Folders

Just Drag Links to bookmark them
Another benefit of having bookmark bar is, you can just bookmark your sites and links by dragging them into those folders or directly on bookmark bar. Yes, no need to go to menu and selecting bookmark to bookmark a site. Just click a link on mouse and drag it on to bookmark bar, this will do your work. Like this way you can bookmark your link more easily and speedily.  This is really cool way of bookmarking our sites.

Bookmarking multiple sites
Suppose you have opened few good sites together on different tabs on Chrome. Now Google Chrome having the option to bookmark all those tabs together. Just right click on any tab and click on bookmark all tabs; this will bookmark all opened tabs for you.

Pinning Tabs
Google Chrome has one more unique feature of pinning the tab. You can pin your important tabs during your surfing session. Like this way you can easily recognize your important tabs and workout on them more easily and speedily. To pin any tab, just right click on any tab and select on Pin Tab from the popup menu. This will pin your selected tab like below image.

Pinning Tabs

Reopen closed tab or Duplicate Tab
On Chrome you can also reopen the closed tab. I mean suppose you have closed any tab by mistakenly, but not to worries you can easily reopen that tab without knowing about its name. Just right click on any tab and using the Reopen closed tab option from popup menu you can open last closed tab easily. Just like that you can also copy your current tab. I mean opening same site on another tab. Just right click on the tab your want to copy, and click on Duplicate from the popup menu. This will open the same site on another site.

Have more home pages
Unlike other browsers, Google chrome having good feature, by which you can add more than one home page on Google chrome. Just go to settings, and search for On Statup option in it. In that section you need to select on Open a specific page or set of pages and click on Set pages. This way you will get a small window like below image to add sites. You can add multiple sites in it and all those sites will be set as your home page. Whenever you start Google Chrome next time, it will open with the sites you have added.

Start Up Pages

Changing Download location on Chrome
Many users don’t know how to change the location of downloading in the Google Chrome. Because of this users force to download the items in default folder selected by Chrome. But there is a way to change the default folder or you can also set the option that Chrome will ask you about download location on downloading any file. Just go to settings.  At the bottom of page, you will see Advanced Settings option, by clicking on it you will get few extra option in the settings. At the below, you will see the Downloads section, where you can set the downloading location. You can also select Ask where to save each file before downloading , by selecting this option Chrome will ask you for saving location before each downloads. Check out below image.

Downloading Location

So this is it. Using these features you can use Google Chrome more efficiently. Hope this will help you too. Have fun.

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