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How to share files without data cable from your Smart Phone

This article is written by one of good friend Sunil. It is about sharing files from your smart phone to pc without any wires. 

Yes, you can share your files on PC without using a data sharing cable from your smart phone even if the PC has no bluetooth facility. This happens when you have a big file on your phone or PC and you are willing to transfer it to other device.

The only way you can think of a data cable. In case, you have no data cable available or no Bluetooth installed in PC. There is another common way you can use is ‘drop-box’ or attach it to your email. I can think of another way that would enable you to transfer files on Wi-Fi network without a problem but in that case, you must have your PC and smart phone connected with same network.

In case you are an android user then you should download AirDroid application in your smart phone firs and then login in your web browser of PC. Now you should find a pass-code in the application of your phone that is your way into PC while logging in to site in PC. You can now transfer any data to smart phone or PC just by going into logged in site and transferring saved data to either of the devices.

Wi-Fi files transfer
This application is good for android and Blackberry both but you can transfer up to 4MB file size only. After installing application into your phone, open Wi-Fi file transfer application. You shall see the IP address of your phone there, typing it into browser of your PC would enable you to transfer the file. Please remember that both the devices should be on the same network to get this service.

Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi
This document tool works well on android devices. Installing Android Sync manager tool in your mobile would be able back up, message photographs, videos and music files to share on PC or from PC to mobile. I hope this would serve your purpose in a more convenient way.     

So this is it. These apps will help you to send your files from your smart phone to pc without any wire. They are surely easy in use. So have fun.

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