Monday, November 5, 2012

Shut down as per your program

This article is written by one of good friend Sunil. It is about Shutting down the computer automatically as per given time.

Most of us face an emergency while some thing forces us to leave the work in hand and move out from the computer table. That particular situation forces us to shut our computer/laptop immediately.

However, if the downloading of an important file is not complete you cannot shut your computer as long as the data download is over, similarly if you are copying some big files to CD/DVD than you can’t shut down your computer until the process finished. So if you have faced such problem anytime than there is an easy solution for this particular for you.

This program provides you with options of setting your computer according to your pre- programmed time. You can set the time estimating the time of data download or as per other work and walk free to let the computer do the rest of the job.

You only have to download the following software from here and rest is easy. Once you have this program installed at your system you shall find options of,

          --Shut down

Now you can select your option from the options provided or even you can write time according to your choice approximately, when you think your download would be over.

Now your computer is ready to accept the time you entered to shut down your computer. However, this program supports windows only. So, enjoy your download according to your time out and let the computer shut down according to your own choice.

So this is it, wait for next one and enjoy.

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