Saturday, September 15, 2012

Install android apps and games on your PC

This article is written by one of my good friend Sunil. It’s all about playing android apps and games on your computer. This is fun trick. 

How would you like to have ‘angry bird’s space’ the speaking cat ‘Talking Tom cat’ the famous gaming apps on your PC? This is good news for people who do not have android devices or who want to play their favorite android games and apps on their computer. So for such people this is best trick. Yes, this is possible now; you can access the apps running on android devices on your PC with following steps.

Step one- You can download this magical software on your PC that will make it possible to play android games on window based devices. You can download it the Blue stacks from the link given below and follow these steps.

Step two- Once you have installed this and run it successfully set the Icon key directional keys of your keyboard with the help of your mouse. Do not forget to use ‘enter button’ on every step to save it properly.

Step three- Run the step properly once you have done the installation successfully. Now you shall find three different built-in apps in the application, One- Get Jar, two- Amazon app store and third android’s official apps store. You can download any of these manually.

There are few important points to keep in mind that Blue Stacks only sets the applications in tablets and mobile phone layout therefore, this is important to adjust and set your priorities in your own settings going into the ‘manage size’ setting manual. Restart the software once you are through the settings to download your favorite games now.

I am sure you are going to enjoy your gaming experience all the more now. You can download your Blue stacks from the below link. So this is it, just follow the above instruction and you can use this software for operating android apps and playing games, happy gaming.

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Vinod said...

Hey Buddy.. thanks for trying out my template.. I think it is still not yet complete.. Will let you know once I release it as a full fledged template..
Thanks for sharing this software too..

Naruto said...

Don't worry I will update whenever you will give more update on it.. I don't know about these more but I will try to update it by my own too.. Thanks to your blog I will able to put this template on with changes.. I was having some problem with my last template.. Now this is looking good.

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