Thursday, November 3, 2011

Email Form OR How to Put Form In Blog/Site

I am sure everybody needs some kind of forms to collect the necessary information from the friends and other circles using the Internet. But not everybody have the developing skills to make such form for emailing purpose or for putting them on blog. But there is a way you can easily make the different forms and many other things for your blog and for emailing purpose. By this thing collecting necessary data using the Internet will be much more easy. I am sure you will be agree with me after learning this.

Google is quite popular for its different services. One of them is Google Docs. Using this service we can make the forms and different things as I mentioned above. How ?? Lets check this.
  • First open your google doc account.
  • Then follow the below images.

  • As above image, First click on CREATE from your google doc account. And select the from template. From the next screen select the Forms under the Narrow by type category from the left side of the window (as shown in the image).
  • Now you will get the different forms. You can select any form template and modify as per your need. You can create Form directly too from the first screen, But selecting template will be reduce your extra work.
  • Now just look at the below image where I have selected/made a example of contact us form.

  • See the above image. Where I have created a sample form. We have all the options of editing and other services like below.
  1. Add item : Using this button(in image) we can add items like text box, check box and many more in our form. 
  2. Theme :  Using this button you can select the theme for your form. You can have designing form using this.
  3. Email this Form : Using this option you can email this form to any email address. 
  4. See Responses : Using this button you can see the responses you got from this form.
  5. More Actions : Using this you can get Code of this form for your blog/site.
  6. Below Black Strip : That below black strip contain the link of that form which you can directly share with your friends and others.
  • So by this way you can create the form. Now you can check the data too got from this form directly from your google Doc account. Check below image how the data will be shown.

So this is it. This is the whole procedure by which you can easily make the form for your site and the emailing purpose. Not only the form, You can create many different things too. Just check it. Another good service from the google. Have fun.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Make Your Favorite Web-Pages as Desktop Application !!! Cool Feature From Chrome

I am having almost all browsers on my system. I am using all of them as different browsers have different and unique features in them. And surely I don't want to miss any of them. Lol. That's why I have downloaded almost all.

Just recently I came to know about this cool Google Chrome feature. I don't know whether it is common or known to you, but surely it was unknown to me so far and I really liked it. 

I am talking about feature by which we can make any our favorite web page into desktop application (like desktop shortcut/icon). After doing that we don't need to open any browser for opening that website. We can open it directly from desktop by double clicking just icon like all other application. 

How to Do It ??

  • Just open the site in Chrome for which you want to make short cut icon on desktop
  • After that site load, just click alt+f (or directly click setting button from your chrome browser) for menu
  • Now go to tools and select Create application shortcuts from that
  • You will get window like below image

  • Now you can select the items as per need where you want to create the short cuts(as above image).
  • Then Just press the create and you will get your web page as application at your desktop screen with icon
  • Now you can use it and that web page will open without any browser option like below

So you can make short cuts for any web site or webpage using this method. Let me tell you, You will loose all the navigation option too. So it will be more suitable if you do this thing for some particular webpage than the website. Like, you can do this thing for any game from any online gaming site. Or for any other things where you have to access only single page. 

So sometimes it is helpful.  And I liked this thing. And hope you too. ;) Have fun.

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