Sunday, October 14, 2012

Emoticons/Smiles for Facebook Chat and Comments

Facebook is quite popular social site among the world. People are using it to stay connected with other people by different ways like chat, messages, status updates and comments.  Now many people like to add emoticons/smiley with those messages and chat. These emoticons/smiles help people to express their self without writing anything or telling anything, so it makes them special in such kind of communication. Now Facebook is having few custom emoticons/smiley which are unknown to many people. Some people may know about few of them but they don’t know about all of those emoticons/smiles. So let’s see how we can use emoticons/smiley in fb chat and comments, which will make our communication on facebook better.

News: Just recently facebook have implemented smiles/emoticons in the comment section also. So now you can enjoy emoticons/smiles in comment also, use first image emoticons for comment section.

First let’s see few basic emoticons which may be known but many people don’t know about all of them. Here is the table for it.

Facebook Emoticons/Smiles for Chat and Comments

[Click on image to Enlarge it]

So these are all basic emoticons or smiley. Above smiley/emoticons can be used in all kind communication. Just use those signs like :) for smile and ;) for wink. You just need to use those sings and they will be automatically appear in your comments and chat.

Now let us see about few more emoticons/smiley. Here is another table.

Facebook Emoticons/Smiles for Chat

[Click on image to Enlarge it]

Above code is not like those basic sings. To use above smiles/emoticons you need to use special code.

To use the first emoticon/smile use this code: [[f9. adore]]

You have to use those f9 with two brackets and after the dot you have to use that smiley code I have listed in above table. Like for bomb use [[f9.bomb]].  So it is easy.

Let me tell you these codes are not working in comment section. I have checked them and they can be only used in chat section. You can check other section by yourself.

So this is it. Now you can express your feelings on facebook more clearly and in a more cool way. So enjoy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Machines of the future

This article is written by one of good friend Sunil. It is about machines which you are going to see in near future.

Technique is changing at a brisk rate and every changing technique is changing our life along at an even faster rate. We are doing certain activities, which were out of our wildest dreams. However, man is trying to invent more gadgets with more features in future. Let’s have a look-

Doodle on go- do you remember Google doodle? This gadget would remind you of a small and colorful notebook in your hands, in fact a two-piece device like tablet is some thing special for people who get bored easily. This one is easy to carry and handling. Whenever you are not in mood of doing anything else, just open it and show your creativity.
The Doodle, designed by Hoon Park and Peyol has a touch screen and a stylish pen. The doodle is a perfect gadget with an OLED screen with facility to draw on photos, documents and videos. Device should prove be a good time pass for fun loving artists

Arc MouseMouse of the system is always a troublesome device to handle especially while working on keyboard and more so while you are not working on a table but your bed or sofa. How would you like to have a mouse that might have a perfect grip on every surface?
The Arc mouse made of soft material would solve this problem and shall be useful to work on every surface including your legs or handle of the sofa. The mouse designed by Suing Hoon Shin and  Chnag Siyok Kim with optical sensor and receiver can connect to machines easily and moved to any direction without any problems.

Facebook Phone- People love to connect with family and friends through different mediums. These include phones, internet, and especially the social networking sites are more poplar these days. Tolga Tuncer with a new phone for especially Facebook users in mind has come up with a phone that has networking buttons.

The phone with buttons for applications like Instagram and spotify, another button for ‘like’ option of photos, messages, and video etc would make it a unique experience.  

So this is it. Have fun.. ;)

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