Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Choice of Open Office: Alternative of Microsoft Office

This article is written by good friend Sunil. It is about alternative of Microsoft office. This option is open source and free.

If you are a computer user then you are invariably using MS office software package developed by Microsoft that provides you facilities like word processing, spreadsheet, picture manager presentation etc in short MS office is the basic need of a computer.

In case you wish to use any other option for MS office then you have the choice of Open Office to do so which is an open source productivity source that can be used for graphics, database, word processing, spreadsheet and other related works easily. Open Office is available in different languages as per your need and it can work in almost any computer. Open Office Saves your data in international open standard format and you can open your files developed in other office packages as well. You can download Open Office software visiting link given at the bottom of this post, free of cost.

Open Office has provided many versions and its version 3.4.0 has been downloaded by almost 12 million users so far. Open Office has introduced its latest version 3.4.1 recently which supports almost every operating system. Open Office has Open Document Format as its file format (ODF) although it supports other file formatting systems as well, that is if you have created a file in MS Office you can open it in Open Office also.

You should have following in your system
1- Any of the following version of Windows like XP, Windows7 etc
2- RAM 256 MB
3- Spare Disc space 650MB for installation
You can install Open Office at Linux, max etc. You should have Java runtime environment.

Main modules under Open office
Writer- for bigger jobs
Calc- For working on spreadsheet
Impress- For presentation jobs
Base-For Database management
Draw- For editing graphics etc
Math- To work on mathematical formulas 

Download and get more information about it from HERE.

Image courtesy of winnond / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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