Thursday, August 16, 2012

Social networking statistics for Business

If you are having business or a website then promoting them is quite important. There are many ways of promoting your site or business online, but promoting them using social networking sites is the best and free option we are having. There are few famous and good sites using which we can surely make our business profile for free, and gather audience for it. It is the best way of getting targeted traffic for our content. So if you are not using it than you are missing a good way of advertising for sure.

There are few social networking sites using which you can create your business page or profile for your business for free and with that you can surely get good traffic by getting more followers for those pages. And surely publishing your site link on more and famous sites will improve your site rank too. So it is good in many ways. 

With these kinds of sites, you can create profile page of your business with all details, you can also put other social networking tools on it and also you can put your latest stuffs like recent posts and news from your site or business. With these your site readers and other audience will able to catch up with your recent content more easily and it will be good for getting more traffic on your site.

Let’s see about best social networking sites for this purpose.

Best social networking sites:
Facebook: I don’t think I have to describe anything about it but mostly people only using it for having fun with friends and getting in touch with them. But these kind of popular social sites also can be great for our site and business. Using Favebook fan page, you can create your business page or your site fan page on it. You can post all news and recent content about your business and site on it. With these your will able to gather audience at famous place, and also you can take help of your friends on facebook. So this way you will surely able to get more traffic for your site and business.

Google +: Google + is giving very good competition for facebook for sure. In addition now days I have seen that people are getting attract with this social site more because of its new and unique features. Using Google + too you can create more than one page about your site and business. You can publish this page to all your friends and others, and they will able to get in touch with your content of site and other news more easily.

Twitter: Twitter is specially for sharing content with friends. And it is surely very popular specially for getting traffic for our site. So if anyone is not using this they are missing huge traffic for their sites. You can surely create special twitter account for your business or site and gather followers for it. More followers mean you can have more traffic for each your recent post and news.

ApSense: I don’t know if this site is more popular like other sites mentioned above but surely this social site is too good especially for Business. This site is specially made for promoting our business and there are having different good ways to promote our business page. Recently they have also introduced brand page for our business or site which can be really handy to promote our business or site on apsense and other sites. I have also created brand page for this site just take a look at it below.

Linkedin: This social site is also good for business, but so far I have no experience for it. But soon I will try to add details about my site into this one too and update about its functions soon. But surely it is speedily growing social site and I have already got many add request from my friends. So I am going to join them soon.  

So this is it. Social networking sites is great place for promoting our stuffs too, it should be not limited for entertaining purpose only. I hope this information will be helpful for your business somehow. Best of luck.

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Vinod said...

ApSense was something new to me.. ;)

Naruto said...

You should try it out.. It is quite good for promoting Business and sites. (many good features) ;)

Vinod said...

Yeah, would try it out soon..

Naruto said...

;) Best of luck.

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