Thursday, March 1, 2012

Free Icons Library

Icons are pretty much important when we talk about designing work. And also some cool looking icons can really change the whole appearance of things like software or website. Not only in software and websites but we can use them at many other places too.

I have already explained about How to make own icon or convert images into icons in my previous post. You can read it HERE.

Now if you don’t want to give time in designing your own icon or if you aren’t good in designing then you can directly download free icons from below site.

Download Free Icons:

This site is having many cool looking icons uploaded by different users. You can download icons as per your need by reading all guidelines of that site.

I know there are many sites available from where we can download lots of icons. But from all of them I found that this one having very good collection and quality content too. You can check them by your own. ;) You can get icons set for different subjects by searching or by visiting different categories available their.

This can be really helpful for designers. This can save lots of their time. Have fun.


Tito said...

I am looking forward to having some of these icons in my blog. Thanks for the information.

Naruto said...

Welcome friend.. And sorry for the late reply. I am happy that you liked it.

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